Why You Should be WALKING Right Now

June 4, 2013


Stand up and start walking toward better health.

The title of this post might seem a bit confusing. Walking? Right now? But I am reading this post!

Well, if that was your immediate reaction, let me let you in on a little secret: You can be walking right now, staring at your computer monitor, or even typing along in the comment box below, all with the magical help of a treadmill desk.

But why should you be walking at work with a Xdesk Fit? After all, you go to the gym, you exercise, you eat pretty well, right? Studies show that even with regular exercise, if you’re sitting at work all day, you are not as healthy as you should be.

Here are some more reasons to get up and start walking with a treadmill desk:

1) You’re designed for it. The human body is designed to be actively walking most of the day. And when we deprive our bodies of walking, they suffer. The evidence is seen in back, neck, and shoulder pains, becoming overweight, vision problems, and general weakening of the body.

2) Walking is one of the healthiest ways to exercise. Walking is a low impact workout for your whole body, just like biking, yoga or golfing. They won’t take a toll on your joints like running, soccer, and cross training might (Believe me, I am a living testament to what can happen to joints after too much high impact work!).

3) Walking is good for your cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is comprised of the heart, veins, and blood vessels, and if you don’t strengthen these organs (i.e. by sitting around all day), you are more prone to diseases and health issues. Walking is wonderful for strengthening our heart, veins, and blood vessels, and it does so easily.

4) Walking boosts your metabolism. Lots of types of exercise will increase your muscle mass and decrease fat, but walking has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism very consistently. Walk regularly, keep moving, stay active, and your body will be a fat-burning machine—even when you are stationary!

5) Walking strengthens your immune system. Walking helps increase the number of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria, and the number of immune cells circulating throughout the body. In short: walk more, get sick less.

6) Walking is a great stress reliever. Think about a time when you were stressed out at work and you were stuck sitting at your desk—you practically feel like you’re going to boil over! The best thing you can do is get out and take a walk, but sometimes you just can’t escape the office. With a treadmill desk, you can relieve your stress and stay on task (but then get outside and get some fresh air when you can—we weren’t designed to be cooped up all day!).

7) Walking will make you live longer. Yes, the Big Reason to walk. Turns out walking and low impact exercises is one of the factors that constantly pops up in societies around the world that live the longest, healthiest lives. They don’t kill themselves in the gym, they don’t do marathons—they walk and do consistent, low impact exercises. It is a part of their lives.

So if you aren’t walking while reading this, I recommend that you order your own treadmill desk immediately. And while you’re waiting for it to arrive, you can start implementing walking more throughout your workday by:

1) Take walking meetings

2) Walk to your co-workers’ offices, rather than send emails

3) Walk up the stairs to work

4) Park further away from work

5) Walk to lunch

6) Walk around the office when you’re feeling tired

7) Walk to work.

In short, just walk.

How do you implement walking and movement throughout your day? Do you use a treadmill desk?

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