Adjustable Height Desks Hand-Crafted In Texas.

Twelve Inspiring Power Adjustable Desks with Timeless Appeal.

12 design-conscious models that are distinctively different. Life is best when filled with great design. Beyond useful. These design objects give meaning to a space. And a spark to one's emotions.

Terra Collection

modern adjustable desk
electric adjustable desk


The goal was simple: to create an adjustable height desk with more stability and more capacity than ever before. The all-new Terra 2, 2S and Terra Pro bring second generation Xdesk technologies to life. With option integrated storage solutions, autonomous movement, new safety features, and superior stability, Terra boasts more user-centris solutions than any desk before it.

Made with sustainable materials like natural bamboo and plantation oak, microprocessors control two or four power adjustable columns. Transitions are so smooth you won't ripple your morning cup of coffe and so quiet that no one will notice. With a bold, expressive design, the Terra Pro delivers even more poser and more stability. Glanccing over the Terra Pro, you'll notice four power lifting columns arranged in unique 45 degree geometry that offers a visual cue of increased potential.

electric desk

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Air Collection

Air Collection

The Xdesk Air power adjustable desk features a solid aluminum top that is so amazingly thin it appears to float on air. Brushed natural aluminum offers a distinction and simplicity that blends seamlessly with this age of technology. The styling is dynamic without being over the top. Bold without being ostentateous. In short, theres a refine and uncluttered balance. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the Air is available in three colors including anodized aluminum. The Air Pro is our inventory of what is technically possible in an adjustable height desk. With a bold design and four power columns, the Air Pro delivers even more power and stability. Maximum weight capacity is a remarkable 630 lbs.

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xdesk air desk

"... the best of the best,
the Apple of standing desks."


Vintage Collection

vintage adjustable desk

Vintage Collection

Vintage is a loyal testament to the craftsmanship and value of the days gone by. The natural patina of raw steel. The artistic process that validates tradition and innovation should always be closely linked. Every model exudes facinating appeal, setting them apart from every other adjustable height desk.

For the first time every, Xdesk offers a completely enclosed adjustable desk. Each model is made from heavy steel and features approximately 70 hand welds, alluding to a time when furniture was built to last. The idea for Vintage came while strolling around in old Texas cities. We were drawn in by the industrial furniture found in previously abandoned like old breweries and run-down factory buildings. Four power adjustable columns means Xdesk vintage raises and lowers with a sort of certain authority that characterizes the line.

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"This sleek stand-out is easy to adjust up and down, and its natural bamboo surface is a reminder of what some ergonomic furniture makers have forgotten: A desk should be beautiful."

"Its design is perfectly simple. The Terra is very minimalist and looks like something Jony Ive would build. It's a desk that you can proudly put in your den rather tahn hide away in a corner of your house."

Compact &
Hybrid Collection

Compact &
Hybrid Collection

The Compact and Hybrid Collection will challenge your idea of what an adjustable height desk is. Here we tackle challenges and provide solutions for existing desks, space-challenged offices, living spaces and apartments. CrossOver� is the world's first power adjustable hybrid solution for existing desks. With the press of a button, the CrossOver automatically raises or lowers for the perfect ergonomic height for sitting or standing.

The Solo leverages a single standing or wall-mounted height adjustable column to move smoothly through more than 200 positions. Flex was designed to reinvent how we work and play in our favorite living space. Designed specifically for living room use, press a button and watch Flex morph from a computer desk to a dining table in seconds. Flex is a unique transforming design adaptable to any task.

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crossover adjustable desk

"Score of 100 - Kick Ass!
Absolute best-in-class adjustable desk you can buy...there's no other sit/stand desk we're ever used that was this well made."

Exclusive & Custom

custom desk

Exclusive & Custom

Since the beginning, Xdesk has been dedicated to giving customers the opportunity to fully personalize their adjustable desk height. If you'd like to enjoy a higher level of customization, the Xdesk Exclusive Team is here to help. Every square inch of metal and wood and each fine detail can be customized. Choose one power column or 16. It's how we bring dreams to life. And how we create something unique.

One of the latest innovations from Xdesk is the adjustable height conference table. Imagine taking all the benefits of Xdesk and applying it to groups. Xdesk makes hand-crafted custom power-adjustable desks in an unlimited number of shapes, styles, sizes, colorsm and stains, only limited by your imagination. Looking for a Xdesk like a guitar? No problem.

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