Why You’re Not Losing Weight

April 13, 2013


Ever wonder why you can’t shed those last few pounds? Here’s why.

If you are like countless Americans, you’re probably trying to lose weight. And, like countless Americans, you are probably sitting down while you read this—perhaps at work at your traditional, seated desk.

Obviously, there is a direct correlation between these two facts. Sitting down for long periods of time can and will add fat to your body—particularly in the areas that you are sitting on (namely butt and thighs). I’ll go deeper into this in just a moment, but first I want to reassure you that there is a solution: It’s called a Xdesk Fit, the latest treadmill workstation.

That’s right, you don’t have to rush into your boss’s office or pick up the phone and dial your employer with your two weeks’ notice. Change the way you work with the Xdesk Fit treadmill workstation.

There is hope. And now that I’m sure you won’t do anything rash, let me get back to the science behind my claim:

Sitting makes you fat.

A recent study has shown that by sitting for long periods of time, your body can generate up to 50 percent more fat in those areas (as mentioned above: hips, butt and thighs).

In this study, the participants who were sitting for long periods of time developed 50 percent more liquid fat (gross!) than regular fat cells.

Furthermore, exercise outside of the office isn’t enough to counteract the long periods of sitting at work. This face got my attention, because I have always been very active—after work. But for many years, I would sit at my office desk for about 8 hours a day, taking only short breaks to walk or stand, and then go to the gym. I never really thought I needed to lose weight, exactly, but I didn’t understand why I wasn’t with my active workout schedule.

So when I read a study that claimed “even those who eat well and exercise will have more fat at the waistline and hips from excess sitting,” well, I stood up.

But to take your calorie-burn even a step further than using a standing desk or adjustable height desk, you need to be moving. That’s where the latest innovation, the Xdesk Fit treadmill workstation, comes in.

With a treadmill workstation you can burn about 100 times more calories than you when you’re sitting. And with a Xdesk Fit you’re not walking that fast (you’d be hard pressed to focus on work if you were!).

The simple act of moving and lightly walking with your treadmill desk for just 2-3 hours a day can help you to burn fat, and even lose up to 45-65 pounds in a year.

Now I said treadmill workstation, rather than treadmill desk because with Xdesk’s latest and greatest, you’re truly getting a complete workstation—not just a dinky table.

To find out more about losing weight the right way—with the Xdesk Fit from Xdesk in particular—check out our previous post about this marvel in ergonomic furniture.

Trust me, I’ve tried it out and I’m counting down the days until I can get my own treadmill workstation.

Happy walking everyone!


Do you use a treadmill workstation at work or home? Share your thoughts and tips below!

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