Introducing the Xdesk Fit Treadmill Desk!

March 27, 2013

Treadmill Desk

The Xdesk Fit offers additional features beyond the normal treadmill desk.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or perhaps more appropriately, an old, traditional desk), you have probably heard about the latest and greatest in ergonomic workstations: The treadmill desk!

The treadmill desk is a step beyond the standing desk and adjustable height desks (pun intended!), which is why Xdesk has decided to not only to create a treadmill desk of our own, but to improve and build upon the existing treadmill desk.

Most treadmill desks on the market today are pretty basic: You’ve got a rather clunky treadmill—something you might see in the gym in the late 90’s—and a standing desk. This is all fine and well, until you start to think about the features you really need at a good ergonomic workstation.

What if the desk portion of your treadmill desk is too low or too high? What if you need to easily pause your treadmill desk while you’re working? What about counting steps, calories, distance, and speed without doing a running mental calculation?

Well, with a Xdesk treadmill desk the issues with other treadmill desks have been turned into convenient features. Let’s explore this newest addition to the Xdesk family, shall we?

First, let’s talk about the actual desk part of our treadmill desk. Rather than use a standard, one-height standing desk like some of our competitors, we’ve opted to use our unique power-adjustable height desks. Choose between the Terra or Air models for a warm or more modern look, and rest assured that either way, the desk for your treadmill desk will be the perfect height for you, because you are in control.

Either of these options for your treadmill desk is eco-friendly—the Terra with its sustainable bamboo desktop and recycled aluminum columns, and the air with its super-thin, recycled aluminum desktop.

The treadmill is an unobtrusive 29” x 70.5” (outside dimensions) and it is modern and sleek with clean lines.

This treadmill desk is the height of technology—not only because of its adjustable height, but also because of the treadmill itself. The treadmill desk comes with an LED digital display that you can place on top of your treadmill desk—no matter where it is positioned. This will list your walking time, calories burned, distance traveled and your speed.

Even better, the Xdesk treadmill desk is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can track your progress right on your computer’s desktop with a handy app. Talk about being productive at the office!

Finally, with all of these cool features of this treadmill desk comes one that is perhaps the most important: the added safety.

Most treadmill desks continue to run if you step off for a moment, which can be dangerous if you need to stop walking or pause to take a call. With the Xdesk Fit Treadmill desk, the belt will know when you step off and will stop after just 20 seconds.

Pretty cool, huh?

Whether you’re an athlete, a person trying to lose weight, or just somebody who wants to keep moving, the all-new Xdesk Fit Treadmill desk is the desk for you. Be sure to come back next time when we go over the benefits of the treadmill desk (and trust me, there are a lot!).


What do you think of the Xdesk Fit treadmill desk?

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