student standing desk facts

Student Standing Desk Facts

March 25, 2016

If your child is in school, you may have noticed how much classrooms are changing. Teachers and parents are talking to principals and school boards all about the health and mental benefits of standing desks, and that discussion is leading to more and more pilot programs. There are several reasons why schools are jumping on the standing desk bandwagon, and here are several of the case studies and the science behind the switch.

Schools that were once the obvious place to “sit still and listen” are now becoming “stand up and engage.”

The Science Behind Student Standing Desks

In a recent blog post, we talked about how student standing desks are making a difference in not just the classroom. Teachers noticed that their students were paying more attention, able to focus better, and had improved posture. The parents noticed that their children even slept better after a day of school at their student standing desk. And the scientists in a study noticed that when the children worked at a student standing desk, they burned 17% more calories than the ones who sat.

In another blog post, we found studies that explained just how much focus and fat burning can come from student standing desks. In one program, they noted that when children worked at student standing desks, they were able to stay on task 12% better. That equated to about seven extra minutes of productivity than they would have while sitting. And another study showcased that student standing desks helped kids burn 300 more calories per week while their overweight peers burned 575 more calories per week than if they had been sitting.

Most recently, we found a study that credits student standing desks with 7-14% higher neurocognitive test scores. They even noted an increase in activity in their left prefrontal cortex while the students were standing!

As more and more studies continue to come out regarding the benefits of student standing desks, this list of standing desk benefits will only grow. Until standing desks are in your child’s school, they can always do their homework at a standing desk. One of the most convenient features of a Xdesk standing desk is that it is height adjustable. With just the press of a button, the desk electronically lifts to just the right height for both standing and sitting. And if you have a Xdesk standing desk in your home, everyone in the family can enjoy it. Set the programmable height options to each person’s standing desk height, and when someone else needs to use the standing desk, their correct ergonomic height is just a button push away.

See all of the different standing desk styles Xdesk has to offer, and with 267 different height options, you are sure to find the right standing desk that fits the whole family.

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