Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter

Pros Of A Standing Desk Converter

March 23, 2016

With the new release of the Xdesk CrossOver, now shipping, the option of a standing desk converter is becoming very real to people who wouldn’t have considered it before. Here are some of the pros of a tabletop standing desk attachment as opposed to a full standing desk or other standing desk converter options.

Save the desks

If you already have a desk that you love, you don’t need to replace it. Having a Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter means you can place this on top of your existing desk. Plus if you are in a cubicle with a built in unit as opposed to a desk, the CrossOver should fit on your writing surface. The CrossOver can go where a standing desk cannot, which means almost any area can become a standing desk.

Stretch that dollar

A standing desk converter like the Xdesk CrossOver is a more affordable option than most power standing desks. Starting at the $399 price point, you can make the most of your budget.

Electric adjustments

Unlike other standing desk converters, the Xdesk CrossOver is the world’s first power height adjustable model. Without hand cranks, scissor lifts or hand clamps, the push-button technology gives you the kind of convenience you didn’t think was possible with a tabletop standing desk.

You Still Get Proper Ergonomics

Unlike pop-up standing desks or DIY standing desks, the CrossOver standing desk converter gives you the right ergonomic heights, specific to you. With the press of a button, your CrossOver we reach the right keyboard height for your arms and the monitor will be at the correct eye level so your back and neck will stay in the right alignment. To see the correct way to stand at a standing desk, read this blog post. See just what makes the Xdesk CrossOver the answer to your standing-desk needs. For convenience, affordability, and comfort, the Xdesk CrossOver is the first (and only) electronic, height adjustable standing desk converter.

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