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Treadmill Desk System

Designed for style and function, the NextDesk Fit™ treadmill features a sleek, low profile design that allows the treadmill to blend with any home or office environment.

Treadmill Desk

Advanced Treadmill Technology

The treadmills desks offered by NextDesk aren’t ordinary treadmills. Most treadmills have a wide gear ratio that’s too high for the slow walking pace needed for treadmill desks. When used at slow speeds for more than an hour, ordinary treadmills will run hot leading to stress on the motor. Premature motor failure is a common problem when using a conventional treadmill for long, slow walking.

The NextDesk treadmill was reengineered for speeds between 0.4 and 4 mph. The result is whisper-quiet treadmill desk you can walk on for hours at a time. Optimized for walking, the gearing for the 2.25 HP DC motor allows it to run cooler and last longer.

We also added Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect wirelessly to your Windows or OS X computer to automatically track your progress. Once you’re finished, head over to the Online Fitness Club (4-months free) to sync your data with your online account to keep track of your walking history and track your progress. Now that’s a productive day at the office!

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BioStep™ Cushioning System

A foot strikes the treadmill belt 4,020 times per hour when walking at just 2 mph. A good suspension increases safety and minimizes the risk of repetitive injury. The BioStepTM 6-point deck suspension system works constantly to protect your knees and joints as you walk. Six compression shocks absorb the downward force, redirecting the impact away from you during every step. Each compression shock is engineered for walking and provides just the right amount of support and cushioning. The result is less strain on knees, joints, bones, ligaments, and tissue. Choose a BioStep™ equipped treadmill desk to increase comfort, reduce fatigue and joint pain, and speed recovery from long workouts.

biostep cushion

Smart Low Profile Treadmill Desk Design

The NextDesk Fit™ treadmill was designed for both style and function. A sleek low profile design allows the treadmill blend in with any home or office environment. With a total size not much larger than the actual walking surface, NextDesk retains its sophisticated appearance.

The NextDesk Treadmill includes a full-featured digital LED digital display which is normally placed on top of NextDesk for easy access. You’ll always have complete workout data at your fingertips - including steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled, and your speed. The console even comes standard with a USB port, so you can charge your favorite iPod, cell phone, or other device right on your desktop. And who doesn’t love to listen to music while they walk?

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Works With Most NextDesk Models

The NextDesk treadmill is designed to work with all full-sized NextDesk models. Since the treadmill is sold separately, choose the NextDesk that is right for you and pair it with the treadmill and console. The NextDesk Fit has not yet been modified to work with the NextDesk Solo or Solo Plus.

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NextDesk Air Model

The Added Safety of AutoSense™

Most treadmills and treadmill desks continue to run if you step off. This can be a hassle and even dangerous if you need to stop walking or pause to take a call. With the NextDesk Treadmill desk, the belt will sense it the moment your feet stop striking the belt. After 20 seconds the treadmill will automatically pause. When you’re ready to continue your stroll, simply step back onto the belt and begin walking. With the Intelli-Guard™, you no longer have to worry about leaving your treadmill running if you have to step off to take a call.

AutoSense Feature

A Smartly Designed Display Console

The compact modernly designed display console (12.9” long by 2” tall by 3.25” wide) is small enough so it won’t get in the way of your work. The digital LED display shows steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance traveled and walking belt speed. The weighted console has a safety key that shuts down the treadmill when removed.

Treadmill Controller

Connect with Built-in Bluetooth

NextDesk treadmill desks are Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync your data to your Windows or OS X computer and automatically track results when you exercise. Track your steps taken, walking time, calories burned distance traveled all on your computer screen as you walk. Once complete, sync your data with your online Fitness Club account to retain your walking history.

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USB Charging Port

NextDesk treadmill desks include with one rear USB port for charging portable devices. Charge your iPod, cell phone or other USB device right on your desktop.

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Intelli-Step™ on all Treadmill Desks

Intelli-Step™ counts and records the number of steps you take and displays them on the console. More accurate than a pedometer, Intelli-Step automatically detects the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt.

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Benefits of Treadmill Desks

Think of the NextDesk Treadmill as your own personal get fit tool. The Surgeon General recommends a minimum of about 10,00 steps per day—that’s about five miles. Yet the average person walks less than half of this. In as little as two hours per day on a NextDesk Treadmill, you can complete your workout and your work.

  • Weight Loss

  • Increased Productivity

  • More Energy

  • Reduced Stress

  • Satisfying Low-Impact Workout (Better for Joints)

  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease

  • Not having to find time to squeeze in a walk or workout - because you're already doing it!

Treadmill Desk working

NextDesk Fit Specifications

All Features and Specifications

  • Belt Size 20" x 56"
  • Belt Type 2-Ply
  • Cushioning BioStep™ 6-point elastomer deck suspension system
  • Display Digital LED
  • Instant Workout Data Distance, Calories, Time, Step Count
  • Workout Data Storage Online Fitness Club
  • Electrical 100 – 120V / 50 – 60 HZ
  • Assembled Weight 118 lbs.
  • Dimensions 70.5" L x 29" W x 9.5" H (Treadmill)
  • Drive Motor 2.25 HP High Torque Continuous Duty DC
  • Deck Suspension 6 Compression Shocks
  • Speed 0.4-4.0 MPH
  • Deck 3/4" Phenolic with Brace
  • Side Rails Non-Slip Surface
  • Max. User Weight 350 lbs.
  • Duty Rating Six hours maximum daily usage
  • Warranty Frame: Lifetime Motor: 3 Years Parts: 2 Years Labor: 1 Year

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