Ultra-smart Engineering

An Adjustable Height Desk Built to Last

NextDesk takes the adjustable height desk to new levels. From microprocessor-controlled motors with programmable memory, to 6-way keyboard platforms, more than 20 revolutionary features bring NextDesk to the forefront.

NextDesk Modern Desk

Digital LED Memory Controller

Adjust Your Desk Height with Ease

Framed by a matching block of machined aluminum, each controller makes height adjustments quick and easy. With soft touch convex and concave buttons, there's no need to interrupt what you're doing, even for a second.

And once you've found that perfect height for sitting or standing, getting back to it couldn't be easier, thanks to three programmable memory buttons.

Perfect for multiple users, a clear LED digital display lets you know the exact position of your NextDesk. With 267 different positions, you and anyone lucky enough to borrow your desk are sure to find the perfect height for any task.

nextdesk adjustable desk controller

State-of-the-art Lift System

NextDesk Adjustable Desks Lifting Columns

From the moment you touch the button, the NextDesk begins and ends each motion with an elegant glide. Even though each silky smooth transition appears effortless and controlled, height adjustments are done at an amazing 1.7 inches per second.

This breakthrough lifting speed is made possible by dual 18 volt DC motors and an advanced microprocessor controller. Both speed and proximity of each actuator are precisely measured and adjusted many times each second. The result is perfect harmony.

The figures speak for themselves. Depending on the model, NextDesk is conservatively rated to lift 315 - 630 lbs. NextDesk features a reliable and proven chain drive system to transmit the power into motion. Drive chains are preferred when power delivery and reliability are critical. Unlike belts, chains cannot slip and make less noise. Highly efficient and virtually silent, NextDesk adjusts 54% faster for best-in-class speed.

nextdesk lifting column

Victory Over Clutter

NextFlex™ Cable Management

NextFlex is the exclusive and elegant cable management solution by NextDesk. Imagine neatly enclosing every cable, wire, and cord with an attractive, high-tech sleeve. NextFlex is the braided polyethylene monofilament that expands 150%. Just gently push NextFlex together and it magically expands for easy installation of the fast growing bundle of cords and cables.

Each NextDesk adjustable height desk includes 10' of NextFlex in coordinating colors of white, black, or platinum grey. So don’t just elevate your adjustable height desk. Elevate your cable management as well.

cable management

A New Standard in Responsibility

NextDesk Zero™ Technology

With NextDesk, we strove to not only create the most elegant adjustable-height workstation, but also the most efficient and environmentally responsible. Every component has been tested and engineered for the best performance and the least impact on our environment. Because you need to be able to adjust NextDesk to your preferred height at the touch of a button, the desk needs to continuously be in standby mode. That’s why we developed a frame that uses the lowest power consumption available. At a maximum of only 0.1W, NextDesk uses up to 20 times less standby power than other adjustable-height desks. Less power consumption equates to lower costs for you and lower CO2 emissions for us all.

zero technology

More than just Beautiful

Innovative Desktop Finishes

In our continued effort to provide the highest quality, most environmentally friendly, adjustable standing desks, all of our sustainable bamboo desktops are coated with UV Cured Desktop Finish. This technique offers unparalleled finish quality that combines a beautiful finish with higher resistance to water and chemicals.

Traditional wood finishes are wasteful, require more energy consumption and are harmful to the environment. UV curable finishes have virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) or normal vinyl Pyridines (NVP’s), and conform to even the most stringent air quality standards. UV Cured Desktop Finish is an innovative finishing technique that only activates under UV light or extreme heat to offer a higher quality finish without the negative environmental impact. The result is a beautiful, smooth and durable desktop, without all the harmful waste and pollutants associated with prior finishing techniques.

beautiful finishes

Top-Notch & Eco-Friendly

Adjustable Height Desks Benefiting You & The Environment

With only the finest awe-inspiring materials, NextDesk looks beautiful and works beautifully. While we're certainly proud of the performance, we're equally proud of what you'll see when looking closer. NextDesk pushes the envelope with modern, sustainable materials.

NextDesk is designed to have an impact on your health—not on the environment. Pressed wood/MDF and laminates often emit harmful toxins. From day one, NextDesk eliminated these across the board on all of its products. NextDesk continued to push the limits on sustainable materials, and eliminated all solvent-based paints. While pressed wood products are the norm with most office furniture, NextDesk has taken a different path. With NextDesk, you’ll find genuine, honest-to-goodness quality materials. Bamboo is the most easily replenished and sustainable woody plant on earth. Recycled aluminum is highly sustainable. The Aluma-tec™ solid aluminum frame and Terra™ natural bamboo are standard features on every NextDesk.

bamboo nextdesk top

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