NextSpace Ergonomic Keyboard Platform

The NextSpace™ keyboard platform achieves perfect wrist placement. Based on years of ergonomic research, the platform quickly adjusts by hand on both vertical and longitudinal axes. NextSpace accommodates any sitting or standing position so your wrists are never strained or over extended. All complicated levers are hidden from view to maintain the clean design of NextDesk. Customized to match your aluminum or bamboo desktop, NextSpace is the height of ergonomics. .

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Ergonomic Keyboard Platform
artisan bar

NextDesk Artisan Bar

Seeing one of our desks with the Artisan bar will likely invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art. The Artisan bar is our latest patent pending design. What makes it so unique is the sculpted aluminum beauty and shifting light reflections as the brushed aluminum catches the light.

The dramatic distinction offered by the Artisan bar didn’t come easily. Aluminum alloys are used in aerospace for their high strength to weight ratio. Steel would have been a much easier choice. But NextDesk industrial designers insisted on recycled aluminum to retain the natural beauty and sustainability. Conventional approaches to bending steel would fracture or distort the aluminum, damaging the grain structure beyond repair.

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Harman Kardon® Integrated Sound System

The Harman Kardon® Integrated Sound System uses stunning transparent, minimalist design that catches your eye without being a distraction. The down-firing powered subwoofer is installed underneath the NextDesk, out of the way and off the floor. Adjustable satellites allow freedom of movement as with NextDesk, and include easy to reach touch volume and mute controls. The result is a powerful sound system that goes beyond the highest standard, to deliver a sound quality so precise that it seamlessly integrates with the NextDesk. The three piece 2.1-channel multimedia system features a down-firing powered subwoofer, eight full-range transducers, and 40 watts of clean amplification.

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Hardon Kardon Integrated NextDesk Sound System

NextDesk Vanity Cover

The NextDesk Vanity Cover is a superior cable concealment system. With the Vanity Cover in place, every cable and wire is fed into an aluminum raceway that seamlessly hides them from view. Promoting the style and sophistication of NextDesk, the Vanity Cover is custom-fabricated from recycled aluminum and then finished to match your aluminum frame. Simplify your workspace and restore order to tangled cables with the NextDesk Vanity Cover.

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  • vanity cover
  • vanity cover
  • vanity cover
  • vanity cover

NextDesk Ergonomic Monitor Arms

NextDesk Monitor Arms allow a dynamic monitor setup. The monitor arms swivel 360 degrees and move up to 20 inches in either direction while freeing valuable space on your desktop. Adjust the Monitor Arms according to your specifications to maintain perfect sitting or standing posture. Available in Solo (single) or Mondo (dual), the Monitor Arms seamlessly work with all NextDesk features to create the ideal ergonomic workspace.

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ergonomic monitor arms

TopShield Clear Coat Protector

Protect your desktops natural sustainable beauty with a TopShield Clear Surface Protector. Precision cut from high-quality automotive grade 6-mil vinyl, this crystal clear protective TopShield provides unparalleled defense against scratches, dings, and water damage, while enhacing your desktop with a permanent a wet-polished finish appearance. TopShield is easy to install, removable for replacement, and will protect the beauty of your NextDesk for years to come.

NextDesk Clear Topshield

NextDesk Pulse

It’s not often your office furniture inspires you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. NextDesk Pulse does just that. With added hardware and software, the Pulse system helps you take control of your health, collects real-time fitness data and helps you get the most out of your NextDesk. Now you can track your habits, set calorie and time goals, get reminders and raise/lower your NextDesk from your PC or Mac.

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Hardon Kardon Integrated NextDesk Sound System

NextDesk Connect

Save your desk and floor space while adding a clean, organized look to your work area. The NextDesk Connect’s space-saving design reduces clutter while providing convenient access to rear CPU ports. Not only is it a great organizational tool, but elevating your CPU reduces internal contamination and extends equipment life.

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vanity cover

NextDesk Casters & Leveling Pads

Enjoy even greater versatility from your adjustable height desk with NextDesk Casters and Leveling Pads. Durable 75mm casters bring new levels of mobility to your workstation. Solid steel axels and polyurethane tires swivel and roll smoothly on all surfaces and firmly lock into place when needed. NextDesk Leveling Pads are available in your choice of black or raw aluminum and are an ideal solution for uneven floors. The leveling pads offer six points of adjustment to achieve a perfectly level desktop on a variety of surfaces. Choose the best option for your needs and bring your NextDesk to new heights.

Casters and Leveling Pads
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  • vanity cover

NextDesk Freedom

The compact, high-performance lithium-ion NextDesk Battery has a capacity of 2.2Ah so you can work wherever is most convenient for you, without being tethered to an outlet. An incorporated LED lets you know the charge level, chiming when it needs to be recharged. And the convenient mounting bracket allows you to remove and charge the battery quickly and easily. Combine the NextDesk Battery with NextDesk Casters to bring powerful portability to your workstation.

standing mats

NextDesk Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Backed by science, The SecondStance™ anti-fatigue standing mat helps you to stand comfortably for long periods while minimizing discomfort and fatigue. The secret to long hours of comfort is a secure, stable footing combined with a unique energizing responsiveness not found in overly soft mats that allow the foot to pronate or supinate unnaturally.

Early in our research, we learned there are three key factors that are most important when selecting a standing mat: comfort, support, and durability. Not only did our standing mat have to be soft and cushy, it needed to provide outstanding support to encourage standing over sitting. And, of course, it needed to last.

NextDesk Fit

We’ve combined the beauty, sophistication, and advanced technology of NextDesk with a best-in-class treadmill. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to exercise while working. We didn’t make the first treadmill desk (credit to Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic), but we did make the treadmill better.

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NextDesk Fit Model

NextDesk Velo

The NextDesk Velo bicycle desk is perfect for improving health and burning calories while working, surfing the web, gaming or just watching TV. Studies show that an hour or two of exercise doesn’t cancel out the harmful effects of sitting all day.

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NextDesk Bicycle Desk

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