The Treadmill Desk Experiment from CNET

November 13, 2013

Columnist Danny Sullivan tries out a treadmill desk and reports the benefiColumnist Danny Sullivan recently tried a treadmill desk and measured just how much more productive he was. He reported his findings on CNET and gave some great advice on how to use a walking desk. …Read More

Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease Compared to Running

November 8, 2013

Many people ask which type of exercise is better – walking or running? The answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in your workout, but walking has surprising long-term health benefits. …Read More

ReadWrite Put Standing Desks to the Test

October 18, 2013

Last month ReadWrite, as part of the series ReadWriteBody, put standing desks to the test. Employees from the Draugiem Group, an IT firm in Latvia, used adjustable height desks for one week and posed the question: Are you really that much more productive at the office? …Read More

Test Your Knowledge of Standing Desks With this Quiz

October 9, 2013

Xdesk and the Xdesk blog have been around for some time now. Whether you’re just catching up or have been with us from the beginning, you probably know a great deal about the best ergonomic workstation out there. …Read More

How to Avoid Sweating on a Treadmill Desk

October 2, 2013

With all the hype surrounding the treadmill desk, some of you may stop and think, “How would I work on a treadmill and avoid sweating at work?” Yes, it’s ultimately better for your health, but nobody wants to be the sweaty guy at the office. …Read More

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