Treadmill Desks Change the Legal Industry

April 24, 2013


The legal industry has started to make the switch to treadmill desks.

Desks like the new Xdesk Fit treadmill desks or walking desks are changing the way offices all over the world work. But today we are going to look at the way treadmill desks are changing one industry in particular: the legal industry.

It may come as a surprise to you, but lawyers and those who work at law firms are some of the most sedentary people in the business world. A majority of lawyers have spent their careers sitting for at least six hours a day about five days a week. Why so much sitting? According to some in the business, the legal industry is not one that encourages getting up and walking around the office.

Of course this kind of prolonged sitting can wreak havoc on a person’s health—from slowing down his or her metabolism, ruining posture and even causing an early death.

Like many industries across the board, the legal industry has taken notice and opted for a change.

Intro the Xdesk Fit treadmill desk!

A recent article described the wakeup call for one attorney in Toledo, Ohio. This wakeup call came in the form of an unexpected heart attack.

“I had quadruple bypass surgery, followed by 12 weeks of cardiac rehab,” the lawyer said. “When I got back into the office, I still had to walk a certain distance on my non-rehab days.”

This is when he started looking into treadmill desks like the Xdesk Fit.

After his heart attack recovery, the lawyer still uses his treadmill desk—and like any lawyer, he uses it very systematically.

“When I need to review hard copy materials and take notes, I ask my receptionist to hold my calls, and I move over to my treadmill desk,” he said. He also reports better focus and stress relief with the treadmill desk.

And it isn’t only the law firm in Toledo that has made the switch to treadmill desks like the Xdesk Fit. In Atlanta, Georgia, another firm has made the change to treadmill desks, and is now reports an increase in productivity from everyone!

One lawyer at the firm reports having lost five pounds with her treadmill desk. She uses it during conference calls, when she is reading documents and sending emails.

Even if you’re not in the law-biz, it seems to be an open and shut case: Getting a Xdesk Fit treadmill desk is an efficient way to burn calories, relieve stress, reenergize, and keep moving all without having to stop what you’re doing at work.

Case closed.


Have you noticed a shift to more ergonomic solutions, like the Xdesk Fit treadmill desk in your industry?



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