Walking Boosts Creativity

New Study Reveals Walking Boosts Creativity

May 9, 2014

Getting a breath of fresh air and taking a walk does more than provide a much needed change of scenery, it gets your creative juices flowing too, according to a new study. New research published in The Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that walking boosts creativity. …Read More

New Year’s Resolution Recap: Workout at Work

January 29, 2014

The majority of people on January 1, 2014 were seen uttering these words: “I’m going to lose weight in 2014” or, “I want to lose x pounds this year.” The New Year’s Resolution to lose weight was extremely common, so common that it was the number one resolution made. …Read More

Keep Walking and Moving: Inspirational Quotes

November 14, 2013

To follow up with Wednesday’s post about treadmill desks, we thought we’d list a few quotes on health, work inspiration, and the overall benefits of walking. We’ve listed inspirational quotes to keep standing before, but these walking quotes are a great way to motivate you to stay active …Read More

Treadmill Desks Change the Legal Industry

April 24, 2013


The legal industry has started to make the switch to treadmill desks.

Desks like the new Xdesk Fit treadmill desks or walking desks are changing the way offices all over the world work. But today we are going to look at the way treadmill desks are changing one industry in particular: the legal industry.

…Read More

The Ergonomic Workstation—Taken to the Next Level

February 7, 2013

Treadmill desks are the latest workplace trend.

In a previous post we told you about how the Xdesk is the ultimate ergonomic workstation–it is perfectly adjustable for any height and any position, from the desk to the keyboard and even the monitor’s position. While doing a bit of Internet digging, I found that while the Xdesk may be the ideal ergonomic workstation, it has got nothing on this latest trend. Introducing the treadmill desk.

…Read More

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