The Setup Makes the Difference: Why this Ergonomic Desk is Superior

October 12, 2012

The Xdesk’s features and design makes it the most ergonomic desk out there.

In a recent post we went over some of the innumerable benefits of the Xdesk adjustable height desk. Well, since you can’t exactly fit “innumerable” on a page, we had to go with the top ten positives. There is even more ground to cover here, like why the Next Desk’s design is superior to that of other standing desks and adjustable height desks on the market. So that’s what we’ll be discussing today, and since a list is such a tidy way to brag about—I mean discuss—the Xdesk, why not do it again?

Here is why the Xdesk is truly the ultimate ergonomic desk setup: 

1) You can change it up. Sometimes people hear the news or read the reports about how bad for you sitting all day can be, so they rush out and buy a standing desk. But after about three hours of standing without a break, their backs start to ache, their feet hurt, and they’re missing that seated, traditional desk. Experts say that the optimal combination for your metabolism, energy, and overall health is one of both standing and sitting. The Xdesk offers an easy solution.

With the Xdesk you can adjust your desk to any height you’d like—not just one height for standing and one height for sitting. So don’t just stand there—with the Xdesk, switch between sitting and standing for better health.

2) You can adjust your keyboard tray. Xdesk is one of the only adjustable height desks that also comes with the option of an adjustable keyboard tray: the NextSpace Keyboard platform. Okay, this might not sound like that big of a deal, but consider this: When you place your keyboard on your desk, you’re forcing your neck and back into a sort of “C” position, putting stress on your back and shoulders. With the NextSpace Keyboard platform you can adjust the keyboard tray 360 degrees, both up and down and side to side.

Countless ergonomists’ studies say that the healthiest position for typing is having your wrists straight or at a slightly downward angle—and you can’t exactly do this when your keyboard is placed on top of your desk. But with this adjustable keyboard tray from Xdesk, you can. Better keyboard position = better posture = less pain in your back and neck. It’s that simple.

3) You can program your Xdesk’s memory. Once you’ve found that perfect height for your adjustable height desk and keyboard tray, Xdesk has a nifty feature that will remember exactly where it is, and with the quick touch of a button, will return to this height. Every time you make even the slightest tweak to your adjustable height desk, the LED reader will let you know your desk’s exact coordinates.

This is perfect for people who share a desk, or even for those who have their own space and want a quick transition back to their comfortable height. That being said, once you get your Xdesk, it might not take long for your coworkers to start asking to share your adjustable height desk!

4) You can do it all in style. With 267 different positions, an adjustable keyboard platform, and a computer to remember it all, this adjustable height desk is truly the ultimate in ergonomic design. But just to top it off, the Xdesk does all of this without looking like it does anything more than look attractive all day. A lot of other adjustable height desks out there have cool features, sure, they move jerkily from sitting to standing, yes, but they don’t do it with the sheer style of the Xdesk.

With this adjustable height desk you’ll never see gears, wires, levers, or the veritable control board of buttons that I’ve seen on some other models. Everything is seamlessly hidden inside the modern and sleek Xdesk–in fact, the only thing that even lets on that this is an adjustable height desk at all is the small, LED-digital display.

So whether your adjustable height desk is high or low, a standing desk or sitting desk, rest easy knowing that with Xdesk you are truly getting the ultimate ergonomic desk setup.

Find the perfect position for your adjustable desk and keyboard with ease.

Do you have a standing desk or adjustable height desk? Comment below and tell us what you think of it!


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