Top 10 Reasons to Get a Xdesk Now

October 9, 2012

Adjustable height desks improve your physical and mental health.

In our previous post we introduced Xdesk and some of the benefits of an adjustable height desk. Today we’ll get a bit more specific. Why should you care about getting an adjustable height desk, and more particularly, why a Xdesk? Let me count the ways…

1)      Sitting drains your physical energy. The typical American spends almost 95% of their day sitting. This is not only uncomfortable, but it also has a serious effect on your overall energy. If you have a sit-down job, you know what I’m talking about. After just half an hour of sitting, you can start to feel lethargic and uncomfortable. Ideally, you’d be able to move around throughout your day — go for a stroll, maybe take an hour for a jog, do some yoga… But let’s be real: in the typical workday, you don’t have every other hour off for downward dog. That’s where the adjustable height desk comes in. Alternating between standing and sitting will give you more energy, during and after work. 

2)      Sitting drains your mental energy. Not only does sitting for long periods of time drain your physical energy, but it also makes your brain… eh… what’s the word? Oh, slower. (Sorry, I’ve been sitting for a while, I guess I should stand up.) Ah, that’s better. Alternating between standing and sitting gets the blood circulating, revs up your physical energy, and allows you to be more productive at work. Not only that, but with the Xdesk adjustable height desk, the transition from sitting to standing is so smooth, you won’t even have to take a break in your task, making you that much more efficient.

3)      Sitting makes you fat. Okay, if gaining physical and mental energy is not reason enough for you to consider the Xdesk adjustable height desk, this should get your attention. Research shows that by simply sitting down you are shutting off the fat-absorbing enzyme, lipase. Just imagine what sitting for hours on end is doing! Don’t want to? Well, I’ll go ahead and tell you — I hope you’re sitting down for this! (Or not…) When you are sitting your metabolism slows down, burning only about 1 measly calorie per hour.

But there is hope for you yet — with an adjustable height desk like Xdesk you can move between standing and sitting throughout your day, the optimal combination for your metabolism. By standing you’re burning an extra 60 calories per hour. When alternating between standing and sitting, you’re speeding up your metabolism even while you’re seated. Just by introducing this combination of standing and sitting into your life, you could lose about 20 pounds per year.

4)      Sitting can cause disease. As briefly mentioned above, sitting causes your body’s fat burning enzyme, lipase, to shut down. This not only leads to weight gain, but to diseases like diabetes and heart disease. When you engage your muscles by standing, lipase is distributed and you start using your blood glucose. Studies show this can discourage the development of such diseases.

We hear about our nation’s problem with obesity everyday and we see it with our own eyes. Experts say that it isn’t just diet and lack of exercise that are the root of the problem, but simply sitting around for too long. And that’s not the worst of it either.

5)      Sitting can cause earlier death. Here’s a statistic that should grab your attention: If you sit for more than three hours a day, you are likelier to have a shorter lifespan. If you sit for more than six hours a day, you have a 37 percent increased risk of early mortality. This may sound a bit over-dramatic, but the truth is, sitting for long periods of time is killing us!

6)      Alternating between standing and sitting is the key. We know how bad sitting for long periods of time can be, but if you’re thinking, “Okay, I’ll just start standing all day,” think again! It’s the combination of standing and sitting, of alternating, of moving that gives us that boost in energy, metabolism, and overall health. If you stand for eight hours a day straight, your feet, legs, and back will be screaming — if you sit for that long, well, you’ll feel just as bad. So combine the two.

7)      An adjustable height desk is the solution. With any adjustable height desk you can alternate between a high and low setting, but with the Xdeskyou can do so with ease, moving your desk from high to low as easily as moving from standing to sitting. There aren’t only two or three settings with the Xdesk. Push a button and move your desk to any height you’d like, as often as you’d like.

When I first started using my adjustable height desk, I’d alternate: about thirty minutes of standing, then about an hour of sitting. As time has gone on, though, I’ve switched it. I’ll stand for about an hour, and then sit for about 15-30 minutes to break it up. And then maybe dance around for five (strictly to get the blood flowing, you know…) It really is up to you.

8)      Xdesk is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. Xdesk is the only adjustable height desk on the market that uses such sustainable materials as recycled aluminum and bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most easily replenished woods on the planet, and recycled aluminum can be reused over and over for centuries—which is not only good for the environment, but also pretty cool. Imagine how old the aluminum in your Xdesk might be!

9)      Xdesk is stunning and sleek in design. When you buy an adjustable height desk, you are making an investment, not just in a desk, but also in your health, your productivity, and in your life. Shouldn’t it make sense that you get the best quality, value, the coolest looking adjustable height desk on the market?

Xdesk is sleek, it moves silently and smoothly, and there are no bulky parts, wires, or gears showing. Reading over that, I realize that this description sounds more apt for a new sports car than a piece of office furniture, but that’s what Xdesk is: it is the luxury car of office furniture.

10)  Xdesk is the height of technology. With the touch of a button, the Xdesk adjustable height desk moves smoothly, quietly, and quickly at an impressive 1.7 inches per second. And did I say smoothly? I meant smooooothly! You won’t even have to worry about spilling your morning cup of coffee.

It does this with dual 18-volt DC motors (which are also energy efficient) and drive chains. These drive chains also make your Xdesk one of the strongest adjustable height desks on the market, able to lift a modest 315-630 pounds depending on the model. No big deal.

Sitting is a huge contributor to our country’s “weight problem”

Here I’ve listed a mere ten advantages of the Xdesk adjustable height desk, but know that the benefits really are endless. Check back next time when we go over why the Xdesk truly is the ultimate ergonomic desk setup.

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