New Year’s Resolution Recap: Workout at Work

January 29, 2014

The majority of people on January 1, 2014 were seen uttering these words: “I’m going to lose weight in 2014” or, “I want to lose x pounds this year.” The New Year’s Resolution to lose weight was extremely common, so common that it was the number one resolution made. Sadly, 49 percent of people who make resolutions will be unsuccessful.

Since it’s the end of January, take a moment to do a mental recap of your New Year’s Resolutions and how they’ve faired so far. Don’t be discouraged if you barely made it past the first week, there’s still plenty of time to reach your weight loss goals this year. Fortunately, you or someone you know happens to own an adjustable height desk, so you can workout at work to gain more success in your weight loss ventures.

If you’ve followed the Xdesk blog, you’re aware that even a thirty minute or hour workout every day isn’t enough to offset the effect of sitting eight or nine hours behind your desk. So technically, if you have been exercising with no results, you can blame a sedentary lifestyle.

But don’t let your desk job stop you from working out at work! You don’t have to do an intense, sweat-inducing exercise; it’s the small movements from sitting to standing throughout your day that have the biggest impact. Just standing alone has the power to burn some serious calories.

If you really want to take it to the next level, add in the Xdesk Fit Treadmill. The Xdesk Fit is a great accessory that’s designed to work with all Xdesk models. It’s small, and equipped with advanced technology for a seamless “workout.” The Bluetooth system records your walking history to an Online Fitness Club to track your progress. And it’s all easily controlled with a digital LED display console.

The majority of people are unsuccessful in their weight loss goals because they typically dive in head first without a plan. Preparation and strategy is essential to success. Sitting all day, eating poorly and not exercising are typical habits, and old habits are hard to break. Once you’ve reevaluated your New Year’s Resolution, develop a detailed game plan of how you’re going to reach these goals.

For one, you can start by standing more often throughout the day. The data speaks for itself; people who stand more experience greater concentration, more energy, and weight loss. Don’t be afraid to workout at work.

When you develop a strategy, get your coworkers involved to keep each other accountable and on track. Chances are they’ve made the same weight loss resolutions you have. You can even turn your strategy into friendly competition between everyone in the office. The person who loses the most weight earns a free (healthy) lunch!

As previously mentioned, don’t be discouraged if your New Year’s Resolution hasn’t gotten very far. There are small lifestyle changes you can make to get back on track in no time. Standing more often, using a treadmill desk and getting others involved will have a significant impact on your results.

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