Top 10 Benefits of Using a Xdesk Fit Treadmill Desk

April 5, 2013

treadmill desk benefits

There are multiple benefits to using a treadmill desk at work, from losing weight to increasing productivity.

In our last post we introduced you to the all-new Xdesk Fit. We talked about its features, the specs, and gave you a general idea of why it is so very cool. But we didn’t discuss exactly why you might want to look into a walking desk for yourself.

So in today’s post we’ll cover the benefits of walking at work. Spoiler alert: some of them might surprise you!

1) Lose Weight: It is predicted that by introducing just three more hours of walking a day, you can lose up to 50-70 pounds in a year without restrictive dieting.

2) Prevent Disease: You can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and lower cholesterol. These diseases are often associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. By increasing your movement and the amount of time you spend walking, you can help combat these all-too-common killers.

3) Improve Overall Health: Use a walking desk to help prevent other types of diseases. By walking, not only are you burning fat to lose weight and preventing heart and insulin problems, but you’re stimulating your body’s lymphatic and immune systems to ward off other diseases.

4) Increase Energy Levels: With a walking desk you will feel more alert and energetic. By walking, you’re increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain and other vital parts of your body. These desks make you healthier and more alert and energetic at work as well as after you leave.

5) Relieve Muscle Pain: With a walking desk you can relieve back and leg pain. After a long day of sitting or standing in one spot, your back and legs might very well be protesting. Painfully!

With a walking desk, you can stay in motion and keep your muscles stretching and moving. This way, lactic acid won’t build up from staying still—you’ll feel more limber and comfortable than you’d imagine possible at the end of a workday.

6) Increase Muscle Strength: With a Xdesk Fit treadmill desk you’ll increase your strength and build muscle. Walking is a great way to burn fat and build muscle. The more lean muscle you build by walking, the faster your metabolism will be! It’s a very lovely cycle.

7) Maintain Joint Health: With a walking desk you won’t damage your joints. Many high-impact exercises like running or cross-training may be good for your physique—but not good for your joints. By doing low-impact exercises like walking, you’re burning calories, but you’re not hurting injuring yourself in the meantime.

8) Improve Productivity: With a walking desk you won’t lose time at work. You won’t have to take breaks to walk around the building anymore and lose time on your project—you’ll just walk as you work!

9) Save Time: With a Xdesk Fit you won’t lose time after work. You can kiss those late nights at the gym goodbye. With your walking desk you can get a workout in during your workday, cutting the time you spend in the gym down significantly!

10) Increase Personal Satisfaction: Finally, you’ll feel better about work. I don’t know about you, but after a long day of sitting or standing at work, I feel utterly lazy. I feel like I should have spent my day moving! With a walking desk¸ though, you can move at work. You’ll feel better, more productive, happier, and trust me, your co-workers will thank you for it.


If you’ve been thinking about getting a walking desk for your own office, consider these 10 benefits to make the decision that much easier. And come back next time to find out more about the Xdesk Fit!


Do you or somebody you know use a Xdesk Fit, or one similar, at work? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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