My Xdesk Fit Experiment: Using a Treadmill Desk

April 11, 2013


This is a personal account of using the Xdesk Fit walking desk for the first time.

In case you missed our last few posts, let me remind you of the exciting news: Xdesk’s latest innovation in ergonomic workstations is…

The Xdesk Fit!

That’s good news for athletes, anyone trying to lose weight, stay healthy and get healthy. Okay, the treadmill desk is good news for pretty much anybody. And it sounds so good in theory, doesn’t it?

You can be work, burn calories and improve your lymphatic, metabolic, and immune health at the same time.But I bet some of you are still a little skeptical, right? Well, don’t worry. I was too. But that was before I actually tried the Xdesk Fit.

I don’t have my own treadmill desk yet, but for the purpose of this blog and my love of all things ergonomic, I wanted to find a way to give the treadmill desk a go before going all gaga over it, like so many of the reviews I’ve read.

I tried somebody’s Xdesk Fit, and I can safely say… I’m officially gaga.

Initially I wondered how walking on the Xdesk Fit would impact my typing and overall ability to multitask. But here’s the thing—have you ever walked and talked at the same time? How about walked and texted? It’s not that difficult, people! (And with the treadmill desk you don’t have to worry about walking out in front of a car while typing, as you might on your phone…).

The movement of your feet while using a walking desk doesn’t impact your typing, because you’re not moving that much above the waist. You’re not running.

That’s another thing you should keep in mind, and I know it seems obvious but I’m going to repeat it anyway: you are not running with the desk treadmill. So athletes out there—don’t expect a run-quality workout while you are using the walking desk—that’s not what it’s designed for.

What it is designed for is to keep your body in motion, to burn off excess energy while you’re at work, and to keep you alert and productive. I hardly think you’d be very productive trying to run and type at the same time, do you?

The thing that surprised me about the Xdesk desk treadmill in particular was how easy it was to use. At first I thought it might be overwhelming—typing on one computer, having to adjust and monitor my speed on another device, having to push stop the moment I wanted to take a break.

But it was easy because with this specific treadmill desk everything I needed was in one place. With their nifty app I was able to adjust and monitor my speed right on the computer I was working on and if I wanted to take a break, all I needed to do was step off of the belt and the machine automatically paused.

Like I said, I don’t have my own Xdesk Fit (yet!), and so I can’t very well tell you how it’s going after a week of use—I think the desk’s owner would probably start to get a bit irritated if I took up his work-space for a week—but I can tell you that after trying it out for a couple of hours, I felt energetic, I felt stretched out, I felt looser, and I didn’t feel like a big lazy lump (which I can say, I have before with a sitting desk).

So if nothing else, you should definitely give the walking desk a try. And after you do, when you undoubtedly want to buy one, you can visit the Xdesk Fit page to do so!

Happy walking, everyone!


Have you ever tried a treadmill desk? What did you think?

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