NPR is Buzzing About Treadmill Desks

May 20, 2013

As readers of the Xdesk blog, you are well aware of the benefits of standing desks, adjustable height desks, and now treadmill desks like the Xdesk Fit.

But believe it or not, some unlucky souls are not privy to the benefits of standing or moving while working and remain seated throughout their days.

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My Xdesk Fit Experiment: Using a Treadmill Desk

April 11, 2013


This is a personal account of using the Xdesk Fit walking desk for the first time.

In case you missed our last few posts, let me remind you of the exciting news: Xdesk’s latest innovation in ergonomic workstations is…

The Xdesk Fit!

That’s good news for athletes, anyone trying to lose weight, stay healthy and get healthy. Okay, the treadmill desk is good news for pretty much anybody. And it sounds so good in theory, doesn’t it?

You can be work, burn calories and improve your lymphatic, metabolic, and immune health at the same time.But I bet some of you are still a little skeptical, right? Well, don’t worry. I was too. But that was before I actually tried the Xdesk Fit.

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