The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Adjustable Monitor Arm

May 24, 2013


The adjustable monitor arm takes your standing desk to the next level.

So you have your adjustable height desk or standing desk, you have your adjustable keyboard tray, and yet … you still feel like you could be more comfortable and more aligned. So what can you do besides stack your monitor on a pile of shoe boxes?

Get an adjustable monitor arm. At Xdesk, we offer two options: the Solo Monitor arm, for those of you with one monitor, and the Mondo Monitor arm, for those of you who use two monitors.

Here’s why you should be using an adjustable monitor arm if you’re not already:

1) You don’t want to strain your neck by peering at the monitor in a fixed position. A Xdesk adjustable monitor arm will allow you to adjust the height, depth, and in most cases, the angle of your monitor to get it at the healthiest and most comfortable position for your body.

2) Clear up the clutter. If you already have an adjustable height desk from Xdesk, you know that a clutter-free design is important to us. All of the wires, gears, and things that make your desk move so smoothly, are, well, hidden.

So why clutter up your beautiful adjustable height desk with a clunky monitor on top of it, just taking up space? Maximize the space on your desk with an adjustable monitor arm.

3) Adjustable monitor arms are versatile. Rather than setting a stack of boxes on your desk to lift your monitor to the perfect height (which believe me, doesn’t work), an adjustable monitor arm allows complete flexibility and versatility. Even if you share your ergonomic workstation with others, the adjustable monitor arm will move to meet individual needs.

4) Your adjustable height desk works best with a monitor arm. If you have an adjustable height desk, you need to be able to adjust your monitor to the optimal viewing position for either standing or sitting.

This can change depending on what height your desk is set to, so a monitor arm is not just another “accessory” for your adjustable height desk, but it is also necessary.

5) Your Xdesk Fit will work better with a monitor arm. Just like with an adjustable height desk, if you use a treadmill desk, it will work best for your body if you use an adjustable monitor arm. Not only will your posture be better, but what about for those times when you don’t want to be walking on the treadmill at your desk?

With an adjustable monitor arm, you can turn the monitor around 360 degrees and work from a standing position or even a chair on the other side of the desk. Pretty neat, huh?

If you already have your adjustable height desk, standing desk, or treadmill desk and you still feel something is missing, well, chances are, it is a monitor arm. Check them out online today.

Do you use an adjustable monitor arm with your ergonomic workstation? How do you like it?


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