Work Out Gear to Accessorize Your Standing Desk

October 25, 2013

Fall is here, or we’d like to hope it arrives soon with the hot Texas weather. Many use the cooler temperatures and pumpkin-flavored drinks as an excuse to cut back on time at the gym.

And who can blame you? With the onset of cold weather, comfy sweaters and jackets will hide any pounds added on – and the extra weight will act as insulation (right?). You can eat a second slice of pecan pie and not give it a second thought.

But if you’d like to avoid the crash diets and frantic, overly-sweaty workouts once swimsuit season rolls around, it’s best to start early and stay in the habit of working out.

Thankfully, since you have an adjustable height desk, there are plenty of workouts you can perform without having to leave the comfort of your workstation.

If you need equipment to keep you motivated, there is workout gear you can leave at the office that won’t take up too much space. And maybe if you’re constantly staring at equipment while on a conference call, you’ll be more enticed to use it.

Even better, this exercise equipment can be used sitting or standing behind your adjustable height desk.

1. Kettlebells


Kettlebells are great for the office.

Who wants boring weights when there are kettlebells? Use these when you’re alone in the office, it’s best to avoid giving your boss a black eye during an impressive windmill (unless he really deserves it … kidding).

Kettlebells are more challenging than regular dumbbells since the weight isn’t evenly distributed. You can tone your arms, core and shoulders with these guys. Research shows that people who used kettlebells for 20 minutes burned close to 300 calories. How’s that for motivation?

For a subtle maneuver behind your standing desk, this workout is easy to perform during a brainstorm session:

Around-the-Body-Pass: With your desk adjusted to your height, hold the kettlebell with two hands in front of your torso and your feet hip-width apart. Next, release the kettlebell from one hand and move both hands behind your back. Grab it with your left hand and bring it around to your front. Avoid moving your hips to keep your core engaged.

2. Bosu Balance Trainer
You might be surprised to learn how much your body can benefit from a Bosu Balance Trainer, and when you’re done, slide it under your standing desk for easy storage. The balance trainer gives you a full-body workout and strengthens your agility.

Like they say, never skip leg day, so this exercise will work out your lower body. And it helps that it’s fun and keeps you moving:

Standing Hip Abduction: With your desk raised to the appropriate level, stand on the balance trainer and place your hands on your hips. When you’re balanced, lift your right leg to the side and back down to the balancer. Switch to your left leg and repeat. To make it more difficult, move your head from side to side with each leg lift. When you’re done, jump to get your heart pumping and your body in motion (and it’s like having a trampoline at work, come on).

3. Resistance Bands

There are thousands of workouts to do with resistance bands

There are thousands of workouts to do with resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for the office – roll them up for easy desk storage and when you’re ready to tone, take them out and put them to use. Since these guys work your back, arms, glutes and more, it’s strange that they’re not in every office today.

This is one out of a thousand exercises you can perform with resistance bands:

Pull Apart: With feet shoulder-width apart and your standing desk adjusted accordingly, grip the middle of the band with both hands at shoulder level. Keep your arms straight and pull the band out and back, contracting your shoulder blades. Repeat 10 times.

4. Balance Ball Chair
Since we’re starting to think about the holidays, the balance bar chair would make the perfect office gift – and it allows you to work out while sitting down. If you need a break from your adjustable height desk but need to keep moving, this chair will do the trick.

It’s similar to a balance ball, and helps you improve your core strength and posture. The chair will keep you from “lounging” and help you to sit at attention:

Seated March: Lower your desk to the appropriate chair height, and sit on the balance ball with your abs tight. Slowly march, alternating left and right feet. When you’re comfortable, lift your knees higher or bounce on the ball. Repeat.

5. Pull up Bar

Pull up bars are easy to install, and work well in home offices

Pull up bars are easy to install, and work well in home offices

This workout gear will bring you back to the days of gym class – desperately trying to reach your chin over the bar while your skinny arms trembled. Today, we’re older, stronger, fatter, and determined to lose it.

The pull up bar has undergone an evolution, now there are tons of bars for everyone. You can hang it from the wall, over the door, and even from the ceiling above your adjustable height desk. Now there’s no excuse not to have one at the office.

You know how this works:

Chin up: Adjust your desk to the highest setting (so you can still see the computer screen). With your wrists facing outward, pull yourself up and hang for 30 seconds, then slowly lower your body back down.

You may not look like Patrick Bateman (and hopefully not act like him) by the end of these office workouts, but who knows? Do these daily behind your standing desk (or pump up your workout with a walking desk), combined with gym time and you’ll definitely feel and look your best by springtime.

Do you have any of this exercise equipment? Bring it to the office and tell us your favorite workout!

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