Bring The Workout to Work

May 13, 2013


Does your employer encourage a healthy lifestyle at the office?

In previous posts we’ve talked a lot about the importance of exercise and staying active (even moderate exercise is hugely beneficial, for all you hardcore exercisers out there!)

But for those readers out there are who are struggling to squeeze exercise into their overflowing to-do list, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation. After all, we’re busy. I get it. But there are certain things we can all do to help each other when it comes to staying on track with exercise.

One thing that employers and employees can do is create a Workplace Workout Program! After all, many of us spend most of our time at work—it’s the perfect opportunity to support and encourage each other to stay active.

Here are some ways to workout at work:

1. Participate in a local race. Even better, participate in a local race for charity! This can be a great way to stay in shape and bond with your co-workers.

2. Start a wellness committee. This group can host seminars or activities themed around issues relevant to staff.

3. Have challenges in the office tracking personal fitness goals. I had a job once that partook in a “biggest loser” type challenge. Everyone supported each other throughout the process and in the end, the people who were the “biggest losers,” i.e. lost the most weight, were given a prize.

4. Give the people what they want! What I mean is, give your employees standing height desks, adjustable height desks, or treadmill desks. They will not only be healthier, but more productive, thus benefiting the entire company!

5. Provide compensation for your employees’ gym memberships. This is probably the most effective and straightforward way to tell your office, “I care about your health. Now go to the gym!”

6. Brainstorm together. Have a meeting with your employees about office fitness. Find out what ideas they have on bringing better ergonomics into the office and promoting physical (and emotional!) well-being inside and outside of the office. A happy, healthy office is a more productive office.

While we can’t exactly enforce a rule in offices to make employers equip their offices with standing height desks, adjustable height desks, or treadmill desks, we can encourage YOU, the employee to step up, work with your employers, and build a healthy team rather than just an office space.

Does your office offer any kind of incentives for living a healthy lifestyle and exercising? Do you all use standing height desks, adjustable height desks, or treadmill desks at work?


Share your thoughts below!

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