Boost Creativity with a Standing Desk

May 15, 2013


Stand up to get your creative juices flowing.

In a previous post we talked about the benefits of standing desks or adjustable height desks—and believe me, there are many.

So in today’s post, I thought we’d focus on one important benefit of standing desks in particular:

They boost creativity!

Artists and business-people alike can rejoice at this news, because as you know, creative juice isn’t just reserved for those working on a painting or the next Pulitzer.

No matter what you do, creativity is the key to doing it better—coming up with new, innovative ideas, having more fun at work, challenging yourself to go above and beyond.

And one great way to boost your creativity is by standing!

Standing desks might seem like a new trend, but really it’s a trend that is circling back around. For centuries, writers and “creative geniuses” have used standing desks. For example, Lewis Carroll, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Dickens are just some of the famous writers who have used standing desks over the years.

Why? Because standing desks help the blood flow and respire, which means more energy, focus and productivity.

I can attest to this.

I have been using a standing desk for almost a year now. I noticed a huge difference from remaining seated to standing full time. When I am doing something that requires very logical, critical thinking, I usually sit down. But after only about an hour or so of this, I find that I am getting restless, so, push a button, and presto chango my desk is a standing desk! When I stand up I can move around, get the blood and the creative juices flowing again, and boost my energy.

That is the beauty of an adjustable height desk rather than just a stationary standing desk. Simply push a button and you have another option in height.

Just imagine the work Hemingway could have done with an adjustable height desk!

So even if you’re not a Hemingway or Dickens, a standing or adjustable height desk can boost your creativity. And if you already have a standing or adjustable height desk, here are a few more tips to help get your brain powered up!

  • Reward your curiosity
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Make TIME for creativity
  • Brainstorm to inspire new ideas
  • Realize that all problems have multiple solutions
  • Don’t be afraid to fail

Pair these tips by working at a standing desk or adjustable height desk and you will be unstoppable. You might even be the next Hemingway!

Go forth and create!

What is your creative process like? Share your thoughts below!

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