Work Out Gear to Accessorize Your Standing Desk

October 25, 2013

Fall is here, or we’d like to hope it arrives soon with the hot Texas weather. Many use the cooler temperatures and pumpkin-flavored drinks as an excuse to cut back on time at the gym. …Read More

How to De-stress at Work

June 29, 2013

If you own a treadmill desk, standing desk, or adjustable height desk, you probably know very well how valuable these innovative ergonomic workstations are—not just in your physical comfort and health, but in your mental comfort and health.

…Read More

Yoga Behind your Standing Desk

June 19, 2013


Perform these yoga positions behind your standing desk to keep moving and increase blood flow.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know very well how good for you standing desks and adjustable height desks can be. They can improve your posture, your energy, your weight, your back comfort and your health overall… The list goes on and on.

…Read More

Boost Creativity with a Standing Desk

May 15, 2013


Stand up to get your creative juices flowing.

In a previous post we talked about the benefits of standing desks or adjustable height desks—and believe me, there are many.

So in today’s post, I thought we’d focus on one important benefit of standing desks in particular:

They boost creativity! …Read More

Height Adjustable Desks: Changing the way Offices Work

January 9, 2013

Adjustable Height desks improve employees productivity at the office.

Ergonomic height adjustable desks are not just the new cool thing in the business world, like bagels were ten years ago and like kale bars are now. Unlike these “healthy” trends, which can wax and wane with the days of the week, the ergonomic height adjustable desk is in the workplace to stay—and for good reason!  According to a study by Dr. Alan Hedge at Cornell University, using one of these ergonomic height adjustable desks throughout the day at work actually makes workers more productive and healthier over all.

…Read More

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