It’s Easy To Covet The Air Pro Standing Desk

October 7, 2015

Every week Maximum PC releases a post all about the staff’s wish list for tech products called “Technolust: Things We Really Want.” Guess what made the list? Out of all of the latest, most innovative, most coveted “nerdalicious” products, the Xdesk Air Pro standing desk made the cut.

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The Apple Watch Gets You On Your Feet

October 6, 2015

We at Xdesk have been promoting the great qualities of standing and getting out of your chair for a while now. We even invented the Xdesk Pulse app so that your computer would remind you to get up several times throughout the day with your standing desk. Apple has the same idea which is why the Apple Watch has a reminder to stand up. So the question is: Is it working?

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How to Hang Pictures with a Standing Desk

October 2, 2015

You chose the Xdesk standing desk because you appreciate beauty. You knew that this sleek standing desk would look just right in your home office, but now comes the time to add the finishing touches. Don’t start hammering in those nails yet, be sure to do this before hanging any pictures.

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“The Apple of Standing Desks.”

September 28, 2015

With all of the hype about the newest iPhone being released last week, Xdesk was happy to get the title of “The Apple of standing desks.” Masters of innovation creating tech that is so top-of-the-line and sought after that there were reports of people camping out for a week before the iPhone 6s became available. Yes, this is a camp that we want to be a part of.

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How Successful People Spend the Weekend

September 25, 2015

With the weekend approaching you may already have it all planned out, but did you make time for activities that successful people do? See if your ideas for the weekend line up with Forbes’ list of activities that successful people enjoy. You may be surprised by their second-most-popular activity.

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