The Apple Watch Gets You On Your Feet

October 6, 2015

We at Xdesk have been promoting the great qualities of standing and getting out of your chair for a while now. We even invented the Xdesk Pulse app so that your computer would remind you to get up several times throughout the day with your standing desk. Apple has the same idea which is why the Apple Watch has a reminder to stand up. So the question is: Is it working?

According to BuzzFeed News, it’s working better than Apple anticipated because the healthier lifestyle isn’t just reaching the fitness nuts. According to a survey of 1,500 Apple Watch users there were some surprising stats:

  • Two-thirds of the group state they exercise more often or for longer periods of time
  • 72% say the Apple Watch contributes to their overall health
  • 48% say this is their first fitness tracker
  • ¬†Out of the people who didn’t buy the Apple Watch for fitness primarily, 61% say there was some change in their fitness and health. 11% say there was a lot of change
  • 40% complete their daily “activity rings” goals regarding standing, exercising and movement

Just like the Xdesk Pulse app, you can get reminders to stand up and sit down with your standing desk to reach your fitness goals. Check out the other helpful fitness features of the Xdesk Pulse here and read the whole article about the Apple Watch fitness tracker here. Getting a standing desk is the first step. The second (and harder step) is to use it, which is why reminders are very beneficial.

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