How to Hang Pictures with a Standing Desk

October 2, 2015

You chose the Xdesk standing desk because you appreciate beauty. You knew that this sleek standing desk would look just right in your home office, but now comes the time to add the finishing touches. Don’t start hammering in those nails yet, be sure to do this before hanging any pictures.

We all get excited when we get something new, but don’t forget these decorating tips before you start putting up your posters or pictures.

First elevate your standing desk to the proper ergonomic standing height. To find this, raise your desk with your feet flat on the floor. Keep the desk going up until your wrists are hovering over the keyboard and your elbows are at 90 degree angles. That is the proper height for relaxed wrists and forearms. Now you know the proper height when you are standing.

Next, take into account your monitor. If you were planning on hanging a picture or poster over the center of your standing desk, don’t forget that you also need room for your monitor at the standing height. ¬†Once your adjustable height desk is at the proper height while standing, place the monitor on the desk and plan out where your picture will go. Also, if you have a monitor arm instead of a base, that will make a difference. Attach the monitor at the correct height (you should be eye level with the top of the monitor to reduce neck strain), which may require you to lift the monitor.

Finally, place anything that you would like on your desktop because when your desk goes up anything on your desk will go up with it.

Following these steps will ensure that anything you hang won’t get knocked down or covered up whether the standing desk is at the standing or sitting level. When you are decorating your home office, make sure that you are starting out with the most stylish focal point: A Xdesk standing desk. Customize and create your ultimate work of art. With thousands of different options, you are sure to design exactly what you are looking for.

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