“The Apple of Standing Desks.”

September 28, 2015

With all of the hype about the newest iPhone being released last week, Xdesk was happy to get the title of “The Apple of standing desks.” Masters of innovation creating tech that is so top-of-the-line and sought after that there were reports of people camping out for a week before the iPhone 6s became available. Yes, this is a camp that we want to be a part of.

When Tony Hannides of LazyTechGuys.com reviewed the Xdesk line of standing desks, he admitted:

“I never thought I’d ever get excited about a desk. But that’s before I laid my eyes on the Xdesk selection of standing desks.”

Watch his video detailing all of the features and how they add up to a standing desk that is “the best of the best.”

In his article “The Xdesk Might Be My Xdesk,” which you can read here in it’s entirety, Hannides extols several key benefits of the Xdesk standing desk line.

1. For one, they are beautiful. We put in the extra attention to detail and premium materials to craft a standing desk that is as stunning as it is supportive. “They look exquisite. Modern, functional and a minimalist’s dream.” High-grade aluminum and bamboo materials immediately put Xdesk in a different class than laminate or particleboard.

2. The push-button memory controller makes it easier than ever to find your ideal height every time. “The mechanical actuator is one of the quietest in the business…” and having it coupled with an LED readout and three programmable memory buttons means that it will glide smoothly and quietly to one of your saved settings. Compared to manual standing desks that require a crank and a guessing game that “takes away from the task at hand and causes unnecessary stress,” a power, height adjustable desk is a more convenient and exact choice.

3. The Xdesk Pulse is “one of the most interesting” add-ons because it is, “like a fitness tracker for your desk.” Keep tabs on how long you sit and stand and how that translates to calories burned. A standing desk that is looking towards the future and helping you in more ways than one. Now that is a smart desk.

If you want to see what your dream standing desk could look like, Xdesk has a number of different options to fill your blank canvas.


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