It’s Bathing Suit Season, Are you Ready?

May 7, 2013


Lose weight the right way this spring by incorporating your treadmill desk into your workout regimen.

Oh the ever-so-daunting words: BATHING SUIT SEASON. For many of us, this is a sharp jolt back to reality, and often to better, healthier habits after a long winter of “hibernation” from the gym and eating warm comfort foods.

And what do we do when the weather heats up? Typically, we go on some kind of crash diet to lose weight, hike up our time spent at the gym, cut back on sweets and calories, and maybe get suckered into diet pills or powders (Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!).

This might result in losing some weight just in time for that trip to the Bahamas, but you’ll probably put it right back on afterward—that and more. That’s the thing about fasting and amping up your workouts—the results might be quick, but they are not long-lasting and they are certainly not healthy.

So what should you do? Make lifestyle changes. Choose whole, healthy foods—not as a diet, but as a permanent adjustment to the way you eat. Don’t starve yourself. When you starve yourself or deny yourself the foods your body craves, you’ll just end up eating more later, and when you do, you will absorb those calories much more than you would if you weren’t starving.

Exercise is key, not only to losing weight, but to living a healthy and energetic lifestyle. But don’t go crazy with it! The best thing you can do is move throughout the day and then after work (or before, or whenever), engage in some more strenuous physical activity—running, weights, swimming, Zumba, dancing—whatever gets your heart pumping, your sweat dripping, and makes you smile (or at least makes you smile afterward!).

The tricky part, and the most important part, are the 8 hours of the day that you’re not free to walk around outside or go for a workout. After all, studies show that working out for an hour a day is not enough to offset the problems related to sitting all day. So how can you maximize the time you spend at work?

This is where the Xdesk Fit Treadmill desk comes in. With a treadmill desk you can get your recommended 10,000 steps per day without so much as leaving the office or pausing what you’re doing. Feel free to increase the speed of your treadmill desk when you’re on the phone or reading, and feel free to slow down your treadmill desk when you’re typing or doing some serious thinking.

Moving on your treadmill desk at a slow, steady pace throughout the day will not only get your brain buzzing, but it will get the calories burning! Studies show that by simply using a treadmill desk throughout the day, you can lose up to 50-70 pounds in a year, compared to just sitting at work during those times.

Using a treadmill desk is also a wonderful way to stretch your muscles and warm up before heading off to your more intensive workout. This will not only help prevent pulled muscles, but it will also boost your calorie burn during the workout, as you’ll be limber, warmed up, and your body is ready to get going.

When you hear the words “bathing suit season,” don’t freak out and buy the latest diet fad book, or go on a gym class binge—take it easy, take it slow, and do it the right way this year.

Change your life habits, get a treadmill desk, and then maybe next year you won’t have cause to flip out when it comes time to put on that bikini.

Do you use a treadmill desk? Have you noticed a difference in your weight? Share your experience below!

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