Facts You Need to Know About Using A Standup Desk

March 19, 2014

By now you’re well aware of the negative health effects of sitting in a chair all day. You’ve taken action and invested in one of our adjustable or fixed height standup desks. Whether you’re a newbie to the standing desk scene or a veteran, we’ve put together a short list of “need-to-knows” about the Xdesk and the benefits you’ll experience.

It’s High-Tech
This isn’t your average standup desk. A state-of-the-art lift system is all controlled by an advanced microprocessor. The controller has a digital LED display with three programmable memory settings so you can customize your standing and sitting heights. The Xdesk uses a chain drive system with dual (or quad – depending on the model) 18 volt DC motors that seamlessly transition. And it’s all completely hidden inside the lift columns, so you’ll never see an exposed gear, motor or wire.

It Has Options
Our standup desks feature choices that fit multiple users. The main thing to remember about the Xdesk is its drive to encourage clean lines, perfect ergonomics, and practically zero clutter. The available options fit those criteria. A Vanity Cover hides all computer cables and wires, while a Power Management System protects your precious equipment. The NextSpace Keyboard Platforms helps you find the best ergonomic position for your wrists and arms, and the Ergonomic Monitor Arms allow you to freely adjust your computer screen(s).

It Benefits the Planet
These standup desks never use laminates or MDF in their materials. Instead, Xdesk has chosen to use only sustainable materials like natural bamboo and recycled aluminum. The desk never has solvent-based paints or additives that can harm you and the environment. And it’s made right here in the U.S.

You’ll Be More Productive
While you stand, you can move from side to side, fidget, and bend your knees. Movement is a powerful thing, not only for health but also for concentration. Studies show that the ability to move freely actually leads to better focus. Focus ultimately leads to productivity—and that’s something we can all understand. What’s more, you’ll discover a totally new energy boost in the afternoon, when most workers are tired and hunched over their computers.

You Need the Right Footwear
Leave the uncomfortable dress shoes or heels at the door, and switch to something that’s more comfortable (but not necessarily less attractive). Standing long hours can be hard on your joints and back, so you’ll need the proper support to fully reap the benefits of our stand up desk.

You Don’t Have to Stand All Day
A shocking point, but it’s true! You don’t have to stand all day behind your Xdesk. Instead, Xdesk gives you the flexibility to sit and stand as you please. Stand for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or sit for 45. However you choose to move throughout the day, Xdesk gives you the freedom to do it. And with more than 200 positions, chances are you’re going to find the right height for you.

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