Standing Desk Alternatives

March 26, 2014

Standing desks have gotten a lot of hype lately, with the growing pile of abstracts touting the negative health effects of sitting in a chair all day. Sitting leads to an earlier death, sitting promotes obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and so on. But you’re still not convinced, and we can’t blame you. For this reason, we’ve come up with a few standing desk alternatives to show what you can do besides jump on the bandwagon.

The Desk Chair
This standing desk alternative is a solid choice for the traditional workspace. Why stand when you can sit in a stuffy, over-sized office chair all day? Sure it can be uncomfortable, contorting your spine into an awkward C shape as your body’s fat burning ability completely shuts down. It’s a great way to prepare for a long winter if you’re hibernating. And they occasionally come with wheels. This feature means you’ll never have to get up and walk down the hall for a cup of coffee, just roll over to the break room.

The Boxed Cubicle
The cubicle. It’s slowly going out of style, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about a time when the only window in view was the one open on your computer screen. Buzzing fluorescent lights and waves from the monitor are way more beneficial than real sunlight. And let’s not forget about the layout. Being cramped inside a box with mounting paper work so your boss can sneak up behind you and ask you to work all weekend is the ideal situation.

The Traditional Desk
A traditional desk is the perfect solution for someone who wants a standing desk alternative. They’re often large, occasionally made with formaldehyde, and 100 percent static. You won’t ever have to move positions or get up from your desk. And they’re convenient. Now you can Gchat your coworkers instead of ever having to talk to a real person. You can order lunch and have it delivered right to your desk, since the concept of a lunch break is a thing of the past. Most people already spend as much as 95% of their day working and eating at their desks, so you’re not alone.

And we have to mention the traditional workspace conference table. Everyone in the office always looks forward to long, drawn out meetings where the only thing on his or her mind is, “What’s for lunch?”

We have to be realistic and know that there are alternatives to adjustable height desks. You may be using one of these options today, go for it! And when you’re tired of being chained to a desk or boxed into a cubicle, check out these non-traditional workspaces, HERE. You may find yourself jumping on the bandwagon sooner than you think.

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