The Psychological Benefits of Standing

September 5, 2013

We’ve come to the conclusion that remaining sedentary for most of the day has negative effects on physical health, but what about your mental stamina?

You know the habits that can creep in during a long work day – daydreaming about lunch, staring at the computer screen or browsing the web while that report remains unwritten. Sitting in one position all day can have a negative effect on a person’s mood and cloud the mind.

Luckily, if you own a standing desk, adjusting your position can get you out of a rut.

Lifehacker shared the psychological benefits of standing desks and how they help keep your mind moving throughout the day.

“Something about standing keeps me more engaged,” Ben from Pitch Dreams says. “My mind wanders less and for some reason I feel a bit more energized at work.”

He summarizes scientific research from Amy Cuddy, author of the TED talk, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (& how to create confidence and influence out of thin air).

Standing in specific “power poses” produces more testosterone that changes the body’s physiology and increases focus. Working at a standing desk naturally positions you into these certain poses, which subconsciously leads to better productivity.

Standing increases blood circulation, and we know what that means: more oxygen getting to the brain, which in turns revitalizes a person to see their mundane work tasks in a new light. Try standing most of the day and feel the brain cells spark and the creativity flow.

via LifeHacker

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