The Backlash Against Standing Desks: Why Xdesk is Different

October 4, 2013

If you read the relatively recent article from New Republic, “Screw Your Standing Desk! A Sitters Manifesto,” you might be rethinking your decision to invest in a standing desk.

Sitting is a luxury for workers, why give up the comfy leather chair or the ability to take a load off? Your legs would be less tired and your feet would thank you for it.

But! Before you join the cause and defiantly remain in your chair, let’s take a moment to dissect the author’s argument.

He realizes a stationary work day is unhealthy, and goes on to argue that the solution is not to sit less, but to work less. It would be a dream to have more vacation time and a longer lunch break.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of working fewer hours, but thankfully the adjustable standing desk provides you with an alternative: flexibility.

As we mentioned, the standing desk encourages the freedom of movement. Try yoga behind your standing desk to keep the blood flowing and take a break. And if you’re able, take a quick stroll around the office to talk to your coworkers instead of relentlessly sending emails.

And as always, if your legs are begging for relief, adjust your desk to a lower position and relax in a chair. But don’t completely give up remaining active!

In another valid point from the author, he mentions that it is still possible to be chained to a standing desk.

If you’re unable to get away from your workstation, the standing desk provides plenty of features to keep up productivity and make your work space more comfortable.

It may seem like a minor detail, but let’s not forget about the cable management option located in the back. Pesky cables only contribute to the stacks of paper and clutter on your desk, but thankfully this feature keeps at least one thing out of the way and organized.

Your NextSpace ergonomic keyboard can be adjusted to the perfect setting for you, or pushed underneath your adjustable height desk when not in use. And, the digital LED display remembers the perfect standing height for you—talk about ease and comfort during transition.

Beyond the author’s argument, we can’t emphasize enough the health advantages from standing! Yes, there are certain pitfalls like tired legs and feet, but the long-term advantages greatly outweigh the negatives.

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