Sitting Disease: Are You at Risk?

September 29, 2014

We live in a society that requires us to sit the majority of the day. From commuting to work, to sitting through meetings and working at our desk, Americans spend an average of 7.5 hours per day seated at work. If you’re like most Americans, you likely follow your long day of sitting at work with 1 to 3 hours of sitting in front of the television when you get home. Leading such sedentary lives has wreaked havoc on the health of our nation and led doctors to coin the phrase “Sitting Disease.” …Read More

Wellness Programs are the New Office Trend

April 30, 2014

You may have trouble finding the motivation to eat right, exercise and move throughout your day. But now employers are stepping in to change the way employees think about health. Large companies are starting to expand and implement health and wellness programs for their employees. …Read More

Depression Symptoms Related to Prolonged Sitting, According to Recent Study

February 5, 2014

You’re well aware that sitting is bad for your physical health, but a recent study has shown that sitting has a negative effect on mental health. Researchers in Australia studied 8,950 women ages 50 to 55 to determine if prolonged sitting and lack of exercise had an effect …Read More

The Backlash Against Standing Desks: Why Xdesk is Different

October 4, 2013

If you read the relatively recent article from New Republic, “Screw Your Standing Desk! A Sitters Manifesto,” you might be rethinking your decision to invest in a standing desk. …Read More

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