How Should I Position My Ergonomic Desk?

October 19, 2012

Learn the proper position for your adjustable height desk to reap the full benefits of standing.

In our last post we went over why Xdesk is the best ergonomic desk on the market today—it is sleek, it moves smoothly, and most importantly (and obviously) this adjustable height desk is, well, adjustable! The Xdesk glides smoothly through 267 positions, perfect for tall people and short, perfect for sitting or standing.

But how do you know what the perfect ergonomic desk height should be? How do you know where to place your keyboard, or the angle your hands and neck should be when typing? First you should listen to your body. Does it feel comfortable to sit down and type all day long with your keyboard on top of your desk? I’m guessing no.

Second, check out this checklist. We’ll tell you how to choose the right ergonomic desk height for your adjustable height desk, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Choosing the right ergonomic desk height is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) For sitting: When your adjustable height desk is lowered for sitting, you should feel comfortable. Your feet should be flat on the floor, knees about even with your hips, and your forearms should be about level with the floor when you’re typing. Make sure it is high enough that you’re not craning your neck or banging your knees on the bottom.

2) For standing: Again, your desk should be high enough that you don’t have to crane your neck to see your monitor and your arms should be about parallel to the floor when you’re typing. Oh and just for comfort’s sake, you might want to lay down a rug or a mat if you’re standing on hard floors—your feet will thank you!

3) For typing: Okay, maybe you’re asking yourself, how am I supposed to type with my arms parallel to the floor if my desk needs to be high enough not to crane my neck? Here’s the answer: Don’t put your keyboard on top of your desk!

The best ergonomic desk height allows for good posture and the proper arm/hand position for typing, whether you’re standing or sitting. Forearms should be parallel to the floor and your wrists should be straight or at a slightly downward position. That’s why Xdesk has a 360 degree adjustable keyboard tray. You can move it up, down, and from side to side, so that no matter where you’re sitting or standing your desk will be at the perfect ergonomic desk height.

And if you’re worried about complicated knobs, levers, or clutter with the adjustable keyboard tray, never fear! Just like the rest of the Xdesk, this keyboard tray is clean lines and simplicity. You move it into the position you’d like and with the spring assisted Lift-n-Lock feature, it stays.

So whether you’re short, tall, or somewhere in between, with these three simple steps you have yourself the perfect ergonomic desk height. And best of all, you can readjust it any time, whether you want to stand, sit, or wear a pair of heels. There’s an ergonomic desk height perfect for you.

Questions or comments? Share them below and we’ll get back to you!

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