The Adjustable Height Desk of your Dreams

March 18, 2013


What new products do you want to see from Xdesk?

In our last post we told you about what’s coming up from Xdesk—the new Xdesk Solo. It has all of the great features of the classic Xdesk Terra—the LED screen, the sleek and modern look, and the smooth transitions. The only thing it lacks is size and price. The Xdesk Solo is a smaller, “mini” Xdesk Terra with a smaller price tag. It’s the perfect adjustable height desk for those smaller spaces—like your home office, kid’s desk or cubicle space.

So in announcing Xdesk’s new big thing, I got to thinking about the future of Xdesk. I got to thinking about how many cool products they could make. And I got to thinking, what would others like to see in their adjustable height desk?

Reviews all over the Internet can’t seem to get enough of Xdesk, but the one thing critics point to is a lack of storage space. Of course shelves and drawers don’t exactly fit into Xdesk’s streamlined look, but sometimes people want a place to put a book.

So would your ideal adjustable height desk perhaps have a set of drawers, or a shelf for storage? Perhaps a separate unit to keep your things? Or maybe it would have a coffee-maker and a foot massage built right in?

It doesn’t have to be entirely feasible and it doesn’t have to make sense (After all, there is a treadmill desk now). I just want to know, what does the adjustable height desk of your dreams look like?

What would you like to see next from Xdesk?

Please share your thoughts below! And who knows? Maybe your dream cappuccino-making, massage-giving, pink and blue polka dotted adjustable height desk will be our next “What’s Coming Up from Xdesk” post! You never know until you ask!

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