The One Week Challenge: From Sitting to Standing Full Time

March 20, 2013


Take this one week challenge to increase your standing stamina.

In a recent post we told you how to switch from your traditional, seated desk to using your adjustable height desk as a standing desk. The trick? Graaaadddduuuuaaallllyy.

I don’t want to make things too complicated for today’s post—I just want to know this: How much standing are you doing per day? How much sitting? If you don’t know, here is a nifty little calculator that will help you break it down.

Okay, have you figured it out?

No matter what your magic number is, if your sitting more than four hours, you need to do some more standing. In fact, in recent studies people who sat for more than 6 hours a day were more likely to die earlier than those who sat less. Those who sat less than three were doing pretty well.

So let’s cut that sitting time down, people!

Here is my challenge to you:

Starting this Monday, make it a point to use your adjustable height desk as a standing desk for at least half of your day. Start your morning at a standing desk, stand for about 1 hour to keep your energy high. If you need a break, lower your adjustable height desk and sit down for an hour. Make this switch every hour so that you end up spending half of your day standing.

On Tuesday, challenge yourself to use your standing desk for more of the day. Start out your day standing for one hour, and then if you need a break, sit down for 30 minutes. Repeat throughout your day.

Wednesday, start your day standing for one hour. Lower your standing desk to be seated, just for 15-20 minutes. Repeat throughout your day.

Thursday: This is where things get a little different. Start your day with your desk at standing desk height—for 2-3 hours. Then, use your time eating lunch as your “sitting break” for 30 minutes to an hour. Try to stand for the rest of the afternoon, but if your feet start to hurt, take a 10-15 “seated break” every hour.

Friday: Start your day standing until lunchtime. Then, use the time you’re eating as your “seated break.” After you finish eating, take some time to move! Go for a walk, stretch, or even better, hit the gym for a workout (if you have time).

When you get back to your office, you can lower your adjustable height desk to a seated position for 10-15 minutes. Then stand up for the rest of the afternoon, taking a 10-15 minute seated break every 1 hour, only if you need to.

And don’t think that you get to start over from square one the next week! Continue with this trend with your adjustable height desk—use the momentum! People say they want to sit down because they are tired, but honestly, people are tired because they do so much sitting! So especially when you start to feel tired or unproductive, raise your desk to be a standing desk!

Remember to take it one hour, then one day, and then one week at a time. Before you know it, this one-week “challenge” will seem like a synch. You won’t even notice you’re standing anymore.


So how many hours a day to you use your standing desk?

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