Things to Look Forward to From Xdesk

March 14, 2013


The Xdesk Solo is a smaller version of the Terra but with the same sleek, eco-friendly design.

If you ask me, Xdesk is the height of super-cool technology when it comes to adjustable height desks. Okay, you probably shouldn’t take my word for it—but you should listen to the folks at Wired, Cult of Mac, and, right?

What would an adjustable height desk at the height of super-cool technology be without, well, super-cool and innovative new products?

That’s why Xdesk is constantly improving their products and prices, coming out with new accessories, and even coming up with new versions of their classic adjustable height desks that have done so well.

Today I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what will be coming soon from the innovative folks at Xdesk.

Introducing the Xdesk Solo.

The Xdesk Solo is an adjustable height desk, just like the Xdesk Terra model, but it is smaller. Think of it like a mini-Xdesk Terra.

It is 24 inches deep, it operates on a single center column (instead of the two side columns of the larger model), and you can choose either 30 or 36 inches wide depending on how much stuff you’d like to litter your desk with.

Just like the larger Xdesk Terra, this guy is made out of only recycled aluminum and bamboo, so it’s environmentally friendly. It also has the same LED digital controller, the same microprocessor controlled lifting system, and the same clean, modern look.

In short, this adjustable height desk has taken all of the good elements of the larger Xdesk Terra and shrunken it down. This smaller wall-mounted model is perfect for kids’ rooms, home offices apartments, or where you might need to conserve space. Oh, and you’ll be conserving money too—this adjustable height desk costs less than $1,000 for both the 30 and 36 inch models.

So folks, it looks like I might be saying goodbye to my homemade “standing desk” now that this baby is coming out. The Xdesk Terra was just a bit too large for my little house. But now it looks like a Xdesk Solo adjustable height desk might be in my future.

Don’t worry, I’ll find another use for my kitchen chair. Perhaps I’ll even start cooking…

What do you think of the Xdesk Solo? Share your thoughts below!

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