Do You Suffer From Chronic Neck and Back Pain?

October 27, 2014

Millions of Americans needlessly suffer from chronic neck and back pain; often, poor posture at work is to blame. The human body is meant to move; yet the modern office environment does not encourage movement throughout the workday. While office workers typically have to remain seated behind a desk, there are ways to increase activity level and motion throughout the day. One of the most common and successful methods to increase daily activity levels is through the use of dynamic sit-stand workstations.

Do you spend the majority of your day seated?

Do you spend the majority of your day seated? Remaining seated for extended periods of time throughout the day is a major contributor to chronic neck and back pain. Poor or incorrect posture is typically the root cause of the pain, as sitting in an ergonomically incorrect position for extended periods of time exacerbates symptoms. Chronic neck and back pain ranges from dull, irritating pain, to debilitating pain that leads to other more serious health complications. It is best to address the source of the pain instead of treating the symptoms.

Did you know standing at work improves overall health?

The simplest way to decrease or eliminate chronic neck and back pain associated with poor or incorrect posture is to stand part or all of the workday. In addition to relieving muscle strain and fatigue, your likelihood of contracting other health complications is significantly reduced when you stand for part or all of the workday.

In addition to relieving the neck and back pain by encouraging correct posture, standing throughout the workday offers a number of benefits that work to improve overall health and well-being. Benefits of standing while working include:

  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Reduced neck and back pain
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced risk of heart failure
  • Improved mood
  • Toned muscles
  • Improved strength and flexibility and
  • Better posture

Dynamic sit-stand workstations allow uninterrupted workflow

Unfortunately traditional desks don’t allow workers to remain productive while standing, but dynamic sit-stand workstations do. To reduce your neck and back pain and take advantage of the many benefits associated with standing during the workday, shop Xdesk’s extensive line of dynamic sit-stand workstations to find the model and configuration that will work best for you.

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