Take a Stand for Your Health

November 3, 2014

Doctors agree that an important part of staying healthy is considering small changes you can make to daily habits to improve your health. We’ve talked before about the hazards of “Sitting Disease ” and the cardiovascular disease, severe muscle tightness, joint deterioration, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes associated with it. Sitting for upwards of eight hours each day poses real danger for anyone who works in a sedentary office environment! Unfortunately, studies show that high levels of activity alone can’t prevent Sitting Disease.

Instead, doctors say, making the switch from sitting all day to standing and moving for even three or four hours at work is a great way to improve circulation, manage glucose levels, and even burn extra calories throughout the day. A sit-stand desk from Xdesk provides an elegant, versatile workspace, perfect for someone looking to work on their health while working on their important projects.

Increased blood circulation = increased idea circulation

Do you often feel sleepy sitting at your desk hour after hour each day? It’s no wonder; when you sit, you heart rate drops, decreasing the rate at which oxygen is replenished in your muscles and brain. Standing and moving while working increases your heart rate, keeping you alert, and improves creativity. With one of Xdesk’s elegant sit-stand work stations there to host your genius brainstorms, a subtle increase in blood flow will provide a noticeable increase in productivity!

Stand guard against afternoon snack attacks

This handy infographic published by JustStand.org, demonstrates a fantastic fact about how standing impacts your blood sugar levels: people who spend at least part of their day standing and moving see their glucose levels rise and fall at a more gradual rate than those who work exclusively sitting down. The results? Those who stand experience fewer and less-intense food cravings in the afternoon, and have more regulated energy levels throughout the day.

Standing while working burns more calories

And it’s easy to see why! While standing at a desk focusing on work, your entire body is engaged to keep you upright. Without a chair to keep you stabilized, your body makes more micro-movements – small, unnoticeable changes in posture – to keep your body alert, straight, and in one place.

Those who’ve just transitioned into a standing work environment can attest to the fact that standing for long periods of time is physically challenging! While you may have found it necessary to stand and stretch as a break at your old sit-down desk, you may now find it necessary to sit while you drink a glass of water, rest your eyes, and take a small productivity break. Want to take your fitness to the next level? Xdesk’s Fit is specifically designed for workplace integration, providing the quiet, low-profile design conducive to concentration.

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