Do You Know How Much You Sit Each Day?

October 20, 2014

Americans live sedentary lives and working 40+ hours in an office environment does not help. Previously, wearable technology only tracked active movement, vital signs, and sleep patterns. With the launch of the new Apple Watch, users can now track the amount of time they spend standing during any given day.

Why is it so important to stand throughout the day?

There is a silent epidemic affecting nearly all working Americans; doctors call it Sitting Disease. Because the majority of Americans spend their working life perched behind a desk, thousands upon thousands of Americans are developing complications like high blood pressure, depression, impaired cognitive function, decreased circulation, heart failure, and obesity due to the excessive time spent seated in the work environment. The easiest way to combat the likelihood of developing these health complications is to simply standup for part or all of your workday.

Use Apple Watch to increase the amount of time you stand each day

Taking time to assess the amount of time you spend behind a desk, you’ll likely realize that up to 7.5 hours of each workday are spent huddled over a computer.

If you enjoy the Apple platform, the new Apple Watch is a great tool to increase the amount of time you stand each day. Using their proprietary software, you can track vital statistics, like heart rate and calories burned, along with additional data points like how long you spent standing and the amount of time spent engaged in brisk activities. As you accumulate historical data, you can analyze your personal statistics to discover trends and areas for improvement in an effort to increase the amount of time you stand each day.

Not sure you’re ready to invest in an apple watch?

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to invest in new, unproven technology, and that is where Xdesk Pulse comes in. A comprehensive and innovative approach to tracking workplace fitness, our proprietary software sinks seamlessly with our standing desks and any PC or Mac to catalog your personal data. Boasting A sleek and simple user interface, Pulse records data real-time, tracks your personal goals, and helps you analyze your overall progress in your effort to live a healthier, more active life.

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