Xdesk Pulse: The Future of Dynamic Sit-Stand Desks

October 13, 2014

From the makers of Xdesk Dynamic Workstations comes a new, fully integrated approach to tracking health and fitness goals at work. Using proprietary software, Xdesk Pulse syncs with your PC or Mac to turn your standing desk  into a comprehensive health and fitness platform. Xdesk Pulse allows users to:

A fully integrated approach to tracking health and fitness goals at work

  • Track time spent standing
  • Track calories burned
  • Set time-based goals
  • Set calorie-based goals
  • Set reminders to help you reach your goals
  • Review personal stats in real-time

Pulse automatically syncs data to your PC or Mac, granting you real-time access to personal statistics throughout the day. A sleek and simple interface allows you to review your daily stats, set or revise your fitness goals, and track your overall progress with the click of a button so you can live a happier, more active life.

Do you wonder how much time you spend seated at your desk?

With Xdesk Pulse, there is no need to wonder how much time you spend seated at your desk. Pulse captures comprehensive data regarding the time you spend in both a seated and standing position. Using real-time stats, you can easily track the amount of time you spend stuck in a seated position behind your desk.

In addition to tracking the amount of time spent standing and sitting at work, Pulse also tracks calories burned to create your own personal scorecard day after today. As Pulse accumulates more and more data, you can use it to discover trends in your daily habits. You can also use data to record personal bests in an effort to improve your overall health and well-being.

Loose weight and improve your overall health

You may be shocked by just how little you stand or move throughout the typical workday. Standing at work offers a number of benefits and after reviewing a week’s worth of data, many clients report a desire to increase the amount of time they spend standing at work in an effort to loose weight and improve their overall health.

Unfortunately, wanting to do something and following through are two different things. The benefit of incorporating Pulse into your daily routine is that you’ll have objective data to see if you are actually meeting your daily goals. Pulse will also help motivate you and challenge you to reach for new personal bests. Xdesk Pulse is the perfect way to efficiently and effectively loose weight and improve your health by incorporating standing into your workday.

Learn more about the Xdesk Pulse Now, Click Here

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  1. I like this! Although I don’t have issues using my TaskMate Go Laptop, I always feel not tired and haggard after long hours of working in front of my computer. I don’t have issues with the time in changing positions from sitting to standing ’cause I know (and my body knows) the perfect time to do. However, I love this Xdesk Pulse, I believe by using this, I will be even more good in time & health management.

    Comment by Mary Ann Samuels — November 21, 2014 @ 6:43 am

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