Office Rules for Standing Desks

October 23, 2015

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in the office. The New York Times recently published an article titled, “How to Use a Standing Desk Without Annoying Your Co-Workers.” Standing desks are now developing their own etiquette rules. See if you are following the rules for a standing desk user.

  1. Show You Aren’t Being Nosy: When you are working at a standing desk and others around you are sitting, some may think you are peaking at their screens- like you are peering over a cubicle wall. Assure them that you are only standing for your own benefit and it has nothing to do with  eavesdropping. You can do that in a casual conversation, by wearing your headphones to show you are minding your own business, and especially by not snooping.
  2. Rearrange the Layout: Some offices are embracing the standing-desk lifestyle and already have areas dedicated to it. Just like there are lounging areas in some offices- packed with sofas or comfy chairs- there are also standing areas where people who need to stretch their legs can congregate. See if your office has an area that would be ideal for a sit-to-stand desk where you can enjoy a view while standing that may otherwise be wasted. Another bonus to this is that you would be surrounded by other people who also enjoy a healthy alternative to sitting all day.
  3. Don’t Take it Personally: Every office has a person who can be difficult or opinionated. They may see a standing desk as a faze and may want to tell you all about it. Try your best not to take any teasing to heart and remember that while they are sitting and judging, you are boosting your productivity, creativity and health. Who knows, after seeing your sunny outlook and your latest flawless report, that same person may start asking you more about your standing desk.
  4. Don’t Be a Hero: Just because you have a standing desk, doesn’t mean you have to stand all day. Xdesk is designed so you can go from sitting to standing and back again whenever you like. So if you feel ready for a sitting break, take it. Remember its a height adjustable desk so feel free to adjust the height.
  5. Try to Have a Schedule: Going hand-in-hand with the advice above, try not to go from sitting to standing and back too often. As quiet as the Xdesk standing desk is, others might get annoyed to see your head pop up dozens of times throughout the day. If you set your Xdesk Pulse app that schedules your sitting and standing to best meet your fitness needs, that could be a great timer.
  6. Schedule Quick Meetings at Your Standing Desk: If the meeting is going to take a long time, grab a conference room or a place where people can sit. If you plan on a fast, more informal meeting, gathering around a standing desk is actually ideal. It shows the team that, “we’re not going to hang out and have a longer meeting than necessary. It’s a little bit of a power move.” David Carter, the chief creative officer at Mithun agency, describes that psychologically a standing desk can show others that it’ll be brief. Remember to take others’ comfort into account. If they have trouble standing don’t call them over for a long meeting without lowering your standing desk first.

Standing desks are still relatively new in offices. The etiquette is still being written, so if you can think of any other ways to help your standing desk fit in, please leave a comment below. To read the full New York Times article, click here. Envision your ultimate office standing desk or build it at Xdesk.

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