How to Find Happiness at Work

October 22, 2015

Your job may just be something that pays the bills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. A staggering 2014 study found that only 47.7% of workers were satisfied with their jobs. Another study showed that only 31.5% of workers were engaged at their job: Meaning they were enthusiastic, committed and involved in their work. Engineered to bring you productivity and happiness, check out this list of ways to re-energize your work day.


  1. Eat that Frog!– Not really, but in Brian Tracy’s book all about how to be productive, one of his many tips is to get the worst things out of the way first. Once you eat that frog, the rest of your day will be easy. Plus, if you get to it first, you’ll be more likely to actually complete it before the chaos of the day takes you off track. And who doesn’t feel better when they get something huge off of their plate?
  2. Break it Down– As the saying goes, eat that elephant one bite at a time. No matter how big the problem or task is, if you section it off into a simple to-do list it seems less overwhelming.
  3. Get a Standing Desk– Studies have shown that along with boosting your comfort, energy and productivity, a standing desk could also boost your happiness. Having a standing desk at work, or even a standing desk converter like the CrossOver can help you get on your feet without hindering your work.
  4. Take Breaks– When you feel stuck, in a rut, stand up or take a walk. With a standing desk, getting on your feet won’t result in a break from your work, which is a bonus while a walk outside or even a lap in the building can help clear your head.
  5. Make a To-Done List– Your to-do list is never ending, but you can feel accomplished and proud of yourself by listing all the things you finish.
  6. Desk Oasis– Make your desk space your happy place. Put up motivational quotes, happy pictures, plants: Anything that puts a smile on your face. Keeping it clean and organized is another way to feel like it is your area where you have total control. Having a sleek, stylish standing desk is another way to make your desk space your place for zen and ultimate focus. I have the bamboo standing desk design, and it always feels so calming when I walk up to it.
  7. Connect with Coworkers– Work is always more enjoyable when you are spending time with people you want to be around. So find common interests -shows you like, activities, music- to bond over and build friendships on. And if you have an especially difficult coworker, try to think of them as a chance to learn something not a struggle (or just try to limit your interactions).
  8. Life Outside of Work– If you are still struggling, remember that your job is not your whole world. Look forward to things outside of work. Once you punch out, where will you be going? What will you be doing? Who will you be spending time with? Focus on your passion outside of your job and who knows, that may be what leads to a job you actually love doing.

Many of these tips have an item in common. If you are thinking about increasing your happiness and energy with a standing desk, there are thousands of different Xdesk configurations: from the bamboo Terra standing desk to the newly designed, and super convenient CrossOver standing desk converter. The beauty of the standing desk converter is that it can be placed on top of an existing desk, so in cubicles or places where a new standing desk wouldn’t be possible, you can still get up on your feet. Envision your ideal office space and see if a Xdesk standing desk is the missing piece.

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