Research Professor Researches Xdesk Terra

October 14, 2015

After trying to build his own standing desk Craig Marker, a professor and fitness enthusiast, decided to go with a Xdesk standing desk and he hasn’t looked back.
Here is his list of pros for the Xdesk Terra with a bamboo top.
1. Great quality
2. Smooth motor for raising and lowering
3. Easy to assemble
4. Built-in wire tray
5. Sharp looking
Benefits over a DIY standing desk:
Looks: “The Xdesk is as professional-looking as it gets… like high-end office furniture that could be placed in an Apple store.” Professional, minimalistic, and well-crafted, the Xdesk Terra standing desk looks the part.
Movement: One of the problems with his DIY standing desk was that it didn’t move. With the Xdesk standing desk, Marker can press a button to go from sitting to standing and then back again. This is ideal for people who don’t want to be at one height all day and for people who are new to standing. “Making the commitment to standing all the time,” is a big deal and Xdesk can help ease that transition.
Quality: Marker mentions that as soon as he opened the box, he was impressed with the quality. “There are no exposed screws or motor mechanisms.”
“Very easy to put together”: Building your own standing desk can be incredibly difficult and in the end, it may be less than what you were hoping for. The simple instructions to a beautifully finished product can be more than a relief after hours of cutting wood, gluing and ending up with an unprofessional look.
Environmentally friendly: The sustainable bamboo coupled with the lack of formaldehyde and solvent-based paint makes for a minimal footprint.
And as a bonus, the Xdesk standing desk doesn’t just look good, it helps him feel great. “The primary benefit for me is greater productivity. I also think it has also helped my posture. I also don’t have to do a lot of stretching of the hips at the gym.” If a “striking” standing desk is what you are looking for, do more research (or take the word of a research and psychology professor) and see why people who value their health are also valuing Xdesk. 

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