Stylish Outfits for a Standing Desk

October 26, 2015

When you upgrade to a height-adjustable desk, that goes up and down, one of the things to take into account is your outfit. The New York Times recently published an article all about “What to Wear at a Standing Desk,” because when you are standing as opposed to sitting, your outfit is sure to get more attention. And, when you are sitting down, your body is in a completely different posture making certain clothes more or less comfortable. See which clothes compliment your standing-desk lifestyle.

Style Tips For Women At A Standing Desk

1. Pencil Skirts: These skirts are form fitting around the waist and ideal for standing. Sitting at your desk can make these fashionable skirts hidden and uncomfortable, but with a standing desk, you can feel good and look great. Tuck in a stylish blouse or t-shirt with accent necklace and your outfit is ready for a standing ovation. This recommendation applies to any high-waisted pants that might have been too tight when sitting.

2. Tights and Leggings: Every woman loves a great pair of tights, until you sit down. Then the waistband starts to roll and bunch up leaving you with a tight, tiny corset that needs constant adjustment. If you are at a standing desk, you can stand and keep your tights in the right spot. This goes for leggings as well.

3. No Lower Back Worries: When you are sitting, sometimes there is a slit of your lower back or underwear showing. Keep that back area between your pants/skirt and top covered by standing.

4. Linen or Cotton: Get those beautiful tops or dresses out of the closet that you never bother with because they wrinkle by the end of the day. Standing means that those outfits that are more prone to wrinkling get to stand front and center.

5. Hidden Embellishments: Anything that is an accent and would normally be lost when you are sitting in a chair gets a time to shine. Some personal favorites are skirts that have eye-catching embroidery at the bottom or a dress with an accent zipper running down the back.

6. High-Waist Belts: Beautiful but uncomfortable when you are sitting, these belts that rest high on your waist can come back with a vengeance.

6. Colorful Pants: The bottom half of your outfit won’t be hidden behind your desk, so let more colorful options pop. A personal favorite is a plain black or white top with red or teal pants. Then add a statement necklace for just a touch of something special on top and bottom. And don’t be limited to just pants. Try some colorful skirts too.

8. Don’t Let Shoes Run the Show: Many women kick off there heels once they get to their standing desk. You may want to ask if being barefoot on a comfort mat or yoga mat will be an issue at the office. Or you can always wear flats or shoes for standing comfort and proper spine support.

When you are standing you draw more attention than if you were sitting behind your desk. Let your outfit shine in both comfort and style. See all of our stylish standing desk options that bring out the perfect look to any office here. And to read to whole article read here. Men, we didn’t leave you out, we just gave you your own article. Check out “what to wear at your standing desk” style tips for men here.

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