What to Wear at Your Standing Desk

October 30, 2015

Standing up gives you extra attention, so make sure it’s the good kind with these style tips. We already went over style tips for women in a previous post, so now, this “what to wear” article is just for the men. Stay comfortable and in style with these men’s outfit ideas that go with your equally stylish standing desk.

1. Any Shirt Fabric: Most button-up shirts have to be a blended material to avoid wrinkles, but not when you spend more time standing. Whether your shirt is linen, 100% cotton, or a blended fabric, you’ll experience less wrinkles then if your back is pressed into a chair or the front is crunched from sitting.

2. Your Back is Covered: Just like the ladies, if your shirt becomes untucked in the back there can be a little bit of skin or your underwear showing. While standing, your slacks or jeans are in place.

3. Comfortable Belts: Sitting with a belt on can get tight and uncomfortable; however, when you are standing, the belt can hold up your pants without cutting into your stomach.

4. Tailored Pants: Make sure you are properly fitted for any dress slacks. The right fit and lengths all around is essential since people will be able to see your entire outfit while standing. Be weary of how long your pants reach and try your best to avoid high waters or rolled bottoms since they won’t be hidden under your desk.

5. Comfortable Shoes: Be sure that whatever shoes you are wearing are comfortable even after standing for long periods of time. The beauty of a height-adjustable desk is that you are welcome to go back to sitting at the touch of a button, but for when you are standing, the last thing you want is sore feet. Pick shoes that support your heels to reduce fatigue. Also, see if you can take off your shoes at work and wear socks while on your comfort mat or yoga mat.

We all know that getting in the right mindset comes from several different factors. Two of them -having a clean, calm work space and being dressed for success- are within reach with the right outfit and standing desk. Our stylish standing desks coupled with our “what to wear” advice can leave you feeling confident and ready to take on your day like never before. If you can think of any we missed, please leave them in a comment below.

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