Why Xdesk and Harman Kardon Go Together

November 2, 2015

Another website has discovered the premium pairing of the Xdesk standing desk and the Harman Kardon sound system. At Geek Snack, their mission is “gathering information on all the latest innovations and advancements” so that naturally brought their attention to the Xdesk standing desk with the award-winning, eye-catching sound system.

In their article, “Harman Kardon Partnered with Xdesk To Bring You the Desk of the Future,” they detail a handful of reasons why this is a match made in office heaven.

They describe the combination as, “one of the best working desks you could desire,” ┬ábecause the high performance sound system and the standing desk that can “adjust to your needs” makes for a duo in decadence.

“The combination between the futuristic desk and the integrated sound system creates a design meant to perfectly adjust with any Apple device from MAC to iPad which is pretty cool.”

While the standing desk and sound system setup can work (and look striking) with any computer you might have, the Apple call out is highlighting the sleek and futuristic look.

In addition to looks, the integrated sound system is surprisingly adjustable so you can direct where the sound makes the most impact. And for added convenience, detachable audio cables ensures easy replacement for a more user-friendly design.

In the end, the author states “I do think that every businessman should be given the opportunity of working on a Xdesk combined with the Harman Kardon sound system.” For more on his insight, see our post going into the designer details of the Harman Kardon sound system or read his full article here.

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