Walk and Talk: The Future of Meetings

November 5, 2015

Nilofer Merchant came to her lifestyle change by accident. An important meeting needed to happen but everyone had conflicting schedules and there were no open conference rooms. That’s when this TED talker was invited to her first walking meeting.

Merchant is an author and speaker who has, “personally launched more than 100 products that netted”¬†$18 billion dollars. One of the ways that she made the most out of her time is by not being stuck in a room during a meeting. She explains:

¬†Posted in 2013, her TED talk video “Got a Meeting? Take a Walk,” has been watched well over 2 million times. In the beginning she notes that in 2013, people spend 9.3 hours a day sitting, which is even more than the time we spend sleeping. By taking her meetings outside she noticed the following changes:

  1. She had a more social experience
  2. She walked 20-30 miles a week for extra exercise
  3. She didn’t have to choose between her health and her obligations
  4. She was able to think outside of the box
  5. She Whether it was nature or her body moving, pumping extra blood and oxygen to her brain, “fresh air drives fresh thinking”

So the next meeting that you have, why not ask people to meet at your standing desk and take a walk around the building. If it is nice outside, enjoy the atmosphere and the company. If it’s too cold or raining, do a lap inside and bonus points if your path has you climbing stairs. Walking. Talking. Getting healthier. It’s most often the little, simple things that can get us on the right track and stay there.

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