Ways to Stand More At Home

November 10, 2015

People are getting Xdesk standing desks to have a healthier, happier lifestyle. One recent study showed that having a standing desk at work, helped people stand about 44 minutes more a day. It would have been a higher number, but it turns out the test subjects started sitting more once they got home. To help tip the scales in your healthier favor, here are some suggestions on how to stand more at home.

  1. Workout Energy: Once you get home, it may seem like the first thing you want to do is kick off your shoes and fall onto the couch. Instead, put on your workout shoes and build up your energy. A quick walk, run, or workout is a great way to pump some energy back into your body. If your workout takes you outside, all the better. Fresh air does a body good. Plus, if you do it as soon as you get home, it can become a habit that can be harder to break.
  2. Set a Timer: When you do decide to sit, make sure it isn’t for uninterrupted hours. All of that lack of activity has negative effects on your leg muscles and circulation, so set your phone or fitness tracker to go off every half hour for a mobility break.
  3. Get a Standing Desk: Whether work follows us home, or we unwind at the computer, look into getting a Xdesk standing desk for your home. You’ve seen the benefits of having a standing desk at the office (boosts in productivity, creativity, mood, and health), so why not feel better at home too? Xdesk standing desks are designed to look beautiful anywhere and with so many different styles and materials to choose from, your office upgrade is only a click away.
  4. On the Phone. On Your Feet: This is a great rule for people who take the end of the day to make all the calls and catch up with everyone. When you are talking on the phone stand up and walk around. If you prefer a walk outside you can do your phone call while you walk to get two birds with one stone.
  5. Play with Kids: Depending on how old your kids are you may lay on the floor to play with them. I challenge you to get up, run around, play horsey, and really “play” with them after work. It’s so easy to lay down in the playroom and let them cover you in stuffed animals, but remember, they are watching and learning from you, so by being active in playtime you are also being a good example.

If you can think of any other tips or tricks to get you standing more at home, please post them in the comments. At Xdesk we want you to stand up for your health whether you are at home or work. Get on your feet and get in a healthy mindset with a Xdesk standing desk.

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