Don’t Undo Your Standing Desk Work

November 13, 2015

Many people are switching to sit-to-stand desks and the adjustable height desk lifestyle. When they do, they see a reduction in the amount of time they spend sitting at work; however, a recent study shows that people may be impacting that healthy change by sabotaging their healthier lifestyle at home.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Loughborough University and published by the American College of Sports Medicine, they discovered that subjects who had an adjustable-height desk were doing better at work and worse at home.

During the three month study, 40 office workers were given adjustable height desks at work. Compared to their sitting and standing activity before the study, the employees experienced 20% less time sitting at the office (that’s over an hour and a half of more standing time each work week). The catch was that once they were home, they sat more and significantly reduced their “light activity” time. Even though the test subjects sat less at work, and sat more at home, the overall change in their lifestyle was still positive: a 44 minute reduction in sitting each day. However if they continued to sit less at work as well as at home, the benefits would be even greater.

As you use your Xdesk standing desk at work, remember to not compensate for that sitting time at home by sitting more. Look at our previous post about ways to stand more at home, so you can keep that positive lifestyle going. One of them will be to invest in a Xdesk standing desk at home. If you spend time at home on your computer either handling the bills, working from home, or gaming, a Xdesk standing desk for your home office might be just what you need. When you clock out of work, you shouldn’t immediately clock into your couch.


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